The Jackson School has more than 150 researchers and faculty in all facets of the earth sciences. Use this database to find experts in any of our academic and research units. Media can also contact the Communications Office ( for information or call (512) 232-9623.

Mohsen Ahmadian-Tehrani
Project manager for Advanced Energy Consortium
William A Ambrose William A Ambrose
Sedimentology, subsurface mapping of clastic depositional systems, oil and gas production analysis, coalbed methane
David K Arctur David K Arctur
Geographic Information Systems and Database Management Systems, with focus of interest in standards for interoperability of data and models for multidisciplinary geosciences research (water resources, climate, and geohazards in particular). Data and model semantics, and digital preservation of physical samples are crosscutting subthemes of interest.
Adrien Arnulf
James A Austin James A Austin
Stratigraphic evolution of a wide range of marine and lacustrine environments around the world
Kenneth Bader
Fossil Preparation Osteological Preparation Forensic Entomology
Nathan L Bangs Nathan L Bangs
Structural development and tectonic processes along convergent margins; MCS methods to acquire 3-D images of structure and stratigraphy within subduction zones; processing, inversion, and modeling of seismic reflection data
Jay L Banner Jay L Banner
Isotopic methods, groundwater, oceans, ancient oceans, climate change, aquifers, caves, environmental science, geochemistry, paleoclimatology
Jaime D Barnes Jaime D Barnes
Stable isotope geochemistry, metamorphism and volatile transport in subduction zones, fluid-rock interaction and metasomatism, geochemical cycling, stable chlorine isotopes
Robert W Baumgardner Robert W Baumgardner
Thorsten  Becker Thorsten Becker
mantle dynamics; fault system dynamics; structural seismology; numerical modeling
Markus K Behnke
Whitney  Behr Whitney Behr
Mechanics and kinematics of deformation in continental lithosphere, rheology of the crust and upper mantle, mechanisms of strain localization, experimental rock mechanics, tectonic geomorphology and long term slip rates and hazard on large-scale strike-slip faults.
Christopher J Bell Christopher J Bell
Vertebrate paleontology, North American Pliocene and Pleistocene small mammal biostratigraphy and biochronology, osteology, anatomy, and systematics of squamate reptiles and turtles, Impacts of climate change on vertebrate communities
Philip C Bennett Philip C Bennett
Aqueous geochemistry, geomicrobiology, environmental and microbial geochemistry, hydrogeology
Donald D Blankenship Donald D Blankenship
Antarctic ice sheets, robotic space missions to Europa, airborne and ground-based geophysical techniques (including laser altimetry, radar sounding, seismic reflection and refraction), West Antarctic rift system, West Antarctic Ice Sheet, climate change, global warming, remote sensing
Tara Bongiovanni
Robert E Boyer Robert E Boyer
Daniel O Breecker Daniel O Breecker
Soil biogeochemistry, calcic soils, stable isotope geochemistry
Leonard F Brown Leonard F Brown
Facies interpretation, clastic depositional systems, mineral/energy exploration, land and environmental resources, geologic mapping, field studies, basin analysis (including seismic and sequence stratigraphy), reservoir characterization
Matthew A Brown Matthew A Brown
Brown's primary research goal is to develop a more thorough understanding of how past and future treatments affect specimens as sources of data, and the impact these treatments have on the science of paleontology. This approach examines how historic and current practices in the field, laboratory, and collections interplay, and how the scientific community interprets these results in the literature. He also studies how such events foster an evolution of best practices, policy, and law, and he advocates for fossils on public lands. Brown is an active member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections, and is the founder and Past-President of the Association for Materials and Methods in Paleontology.
Dillon P Buhl
James Buttles
Todd  Caldwell Todd Caldwell
Dr. Caldwell is a hydrologist and geoscientist specializing in field investigations and numerical modeling associated with near-surface vadose zone hydrology, landscape evolution, and soil moisture/ET. His current research focuses on ecohydrology, soil moisture modeling and monitoring, restoration and characterization of disturbed lands, the characterization and scaling of soils and hydraulic parameters, near-surface geophysics, and parameter optimization and numerical methods.
Susan E Cameron Devitt
M Bayani Cardenas M Bayani Cardenas
Hydrology and Hydrogeology
Ginny Catania Ginny Catania
Ice sheet mass balance, ice dynamics, subglacial hydrology, ice sheet stratigraphy, radar, GPS methods, uncertainty in ice sheet response to climate.
Elizabeth J Catlos Elizabeth J Catlos
The geological evolution of the Turkey (various regions), Himalayas (India and Nepal), south India (Tamil Nadu), and Slovakia (Carpathians); models for heat, mass, and fluid flow along tectonic structures; developing techniques for isotopic microanalysis; applying mineral equilibria to estimate environmental conditions during dynamic recrystallization; accessory mineral geochronology; stone decay and deformation mechanisms. Overall, I am interested in developing and applying petrochemical and geochemical techniques to the study of lithosphere dynamics.
Tiffany L Caudle Tiffany L Caudle
Coastal processes, Severe storm effects and beach recovery, Beach and tidal inlet morphodynamics, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and GPS (Global Positioning System) data acquisition and processing and application to coastal mapping, Outreach.
David T Chapman
Heather Christensen
Gail L Christeson Gail L Christeson
Marine seismology, mid-ocean ridge structure and emplacement processes, oceanic crustal structure, ocean-bottom seismology, seismic refraction
Richard J Chuchla
Julia A Clarke Julia A Clarke
Evolution of morphology, vertebrate paleontology, systematic biology, avian anatomy and the evolution of flight, fossil birds. Dinosaurs.
Mark Cloos Mark Cloos
Structural geology and tectonics
Matthew W Colbert Matthew W Colbert
Paleontology, CT data visualization, vertebrate cranial morphology, evolutionary and postnatal ontogenetic variation in the Tapiroidea (Mammalia: Perissodactyla), ontogenetic sequence analysis, digital educational resources
Edward W Collins Edward W Collins
geologic mapping; environmental geology
Kerry H Cook Kerry H Cook
Climate dynamics, atmospheric dynamics, global climate change, paleoclimate, climate and weather of Africa and South America, climate system modeling, climate change in Texas
Jacob A Covault Jacob A Covault
sedimentology, stratigraphy, marine geology
Ian W Dalziel Ian W Dalziel
Tectonics, geodynamics, geography of ancient times, plate reconstructions, structural geology
Marcy B Davis Marcy B Davis
Multibeam bathymetry data processing; Map, figure, project promotional materials and poster illustration using GMT, MB System, Fledermaus, Adobe CS2, ArcGIS, and csh; Web page design and maintenance (see Polar Studies, STEEP, BOLIVAR, TXESS Revolution); Science writing
Beverly B Dejarnett Beverly B Dejarnett
Reservoir characterization and delineation through integration of sedimentologic, petrographic, and core analyses; tight gas sandstones and fractured reservoirs, as well as conventional siliciclastic and carbonate units
Pedro Di Nezio
Robert E Dickinson Robert E Dickinson
Climate, Global Warming, Land Surface Processes, Remote Sensing, Hydrological Cycle, Carbon Cycle, and Modeling.
Laurie S Duncan
Daniel D Duncan Daniel D Duncan
geochemistry; collection and processing of soil and water samples for naturally occurring radioisotopes, trace metals and total suspended matter; maintain radiochemical instrumentation for prepared sample analyses
Ian J Duncan Ian J Duncan
Expertise in geomechanic and geochemistry applied to: risks associated with CO2 sequestration; hydraulic fracturing for shale gas production; environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing; and the water-energy nexus. Current research focuses on the scientific, environmental and public policy aspects of unconventional natural gas production, the water-energy nexus, and carbon capture and storage. He has a particular interest in risk analysis, decision making, and legal/regulatory issues related to fracing, CO2 sequestration, CO2-EOR, and energy production.
Dallas B Dunlap Dallas B Dunlap
Quantitative Clastics Laboratory, Geologic Subsurface Mapping, Deepwater Depositional Processes
Shirley P Dutton Shirley P Dutton
Sandstone petrography and diagenesis, interpretation of diagenetic history by integration of petrographic, geochemical, and stratigraphic data; relationship of diagenesis to porosity, permeability, and other petrophysical properties of oil and gas reservoirs; timing of diagenesis and hydrocarbon maturation with respect to basin thermal and subsidence history
Gonzalo Echeverry
David Edey David Edey
Peter  Eichhubl Peter Eichhubl
Fault and fracture mechanics, diagenesis and low-temp. geochemistry, fluid flow and transfer processes in sedimentary basins, deformation mechanisms of the upper crust, structural control of mass and heat transfer in sedimentary basins, effects of chemical mass transfer on the mechanical and hydraulic behavior of fractures and faults, chemical interaction between fluids and minerals
Katherine K Ellins Katherine K Ellins
Geoscience education, outreach, K-12 programs, diversity programs, public information.
Brent Elliott
Rodrigo A Fernandez-Vasquez Rodrigo A Fernandez-Vasquez
Glacial geology, marine geology, tectonics, tectonics-climate-glacial interactions, sedimentary processes on fjords, rivers and coastal environments, paleomagnetism (block rotations, anisotropy of susceptibility). Current Spatial/Temporal areas of research: Cz/Pleistocene-Holocene of Patagonia and the Antarctic Peninsula.
William L Fisher William L Fisher
Basin analysis, sequence stratigraphy, depositional systems, petroleum geology, resource assessment, energy policy
Peter T Flawn Peter T Flawn
Peter B Flemings Peter B Flemings
Stratigraphy, basin analysis, basin-scale fluid flow, pore pressures in seafloor sediments, submarine landslides, oil and gas migration, methane hydrates, Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP)
Robert L Folk Robert L Folk
Sedimentary Petrology. studying mineralogy and nannobiology of hot springs in Italy, the role of nannobacteria in creating carbonate rocks. work on cherts, opals, sulfides of iron and other metals, and metal oxides, nannobacteria in martian meteorites and weathering of igneous rocks by nannobacteria under a variety of conditions in Tahiti, West Texas, and Lombardia, Italy.
Sergey Fomel Sergey Fomel
Computational and exploration geophysics; seismic imaging; wave propagation; seismic data analysis; inverse problems; geophysical estimation
Michelle M Foss Michelle M Foss
Energy and environmental reseach (oil and gas, coal, nonfuel minerals, electric power), applied energy economics and business development, enterprise strategy and commercial operations, business-government relationships across energy value chains, liquified natural gas (LNG), energy markets, oil and gas markets, energy prices
Douglas J Foster
Cliff Frohlich Cliff Frohlich
Seismology, deep earthquakes, Texas earthquakes, moonquakes, statistical analysis of earthquake catalogs
Craig S Fulthorpe Craig S Fulthorpe
Marine geology, sedimentary geology, seismic stratigraphy and sedimentary architecture of continental margins, sequence stratigraphy and sea-level variation.
Lisa M Gahagan Lisa M Gahagan
Plate reconstructions; map production (for figures, etc.) including adding data to maps; database design; some manipulation of SEG-Y data files; web page coding (html and php coding); teaching digitizing / introduction to GMT to students
Julia F Gale Julia F Gale
Natural fracture / vein systems in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks; structural geology; tectonics
William E Galloway William E Galloway
Clastic depositional systems
Patricia E Ganey-Curry Patricia E Ganey-Curry
Marine geophysics, Gulf of Mexico basin, outreach
James E Gardner James E Gardner
Volcanology, volcanic eruption processes, magmatic processes, experimental petrology, volatiles in magmas, degassing of volatiles from magmas, control of degassing behavior on volcanic eruptions and formation of ore bodies
Marcus Gary Marcus Gary
Karst Hydrogeology
Omar  Ghattas Omar Ghattas
Computational geoscience and engineering, simulation and optimization of complex solid, fluid, and biomechanical systems, inverse problems, optimal design, and optimal control
John A Goff John A Goff
Seafloor morphology and bathymetry, swath sonar mapping, stratigraphy of the shallow seabed, ultra-high resolution seismic reflection (chrip) systems, sedimentary horizons, sea ice draft, crustal heterogeneity, canyon morphology on continental slopes, abyssal hills
Stephen P Grand Stephen P Grand
Seismic imaging of Earth's mantle, tomography, dynamics of flow in the mantle, regional seismic studies
Gurcan  Gulen Gurcan Gulen
Energy sector reform & commercial frameworks, efficacy of energy regulators, electricity market design
Sean S Gulick Sean S Gulick
Tectonic processes, tectonic-climate interactions and geohazards of convergent margins and transitional tectonic environments Role of catastrophism in the geologic record including impact cratering, hurricanes, and tectonic events Marine geophysical imaging at nested resolutions and ground truth through drilling, coring, logging, and submersibles
Herbert S Hamlin Herbert S Hamlin
Stratigraphy, sedimentology, and depositional systems integrating subsurface data (geophysical logs and cores) with outcrops. Applications in hydrogeology and petroleum geology.
Romy D Hanna Romy D Hanna
Planetary geology, carbonaceous chondrites, Mars geology, remote sensing, thermal infrared spectroscopy, high-resolution x-ray computed tomography (CT), 3D image analysis and processing, scientific software development
Bob A Hardage Bob A Hardage
Seismic stratigraphy interpretation; reservoir characterization; acquiring, processing, and interpreting downhole and surface seismic data; multicomponent seismic technology
Nicholas W Hayman Nicholas W Hayman
Currently active projects include studies of ocean-crustal faulting, the dynamics of continental rifting, evolution of forearc basins and accretionary prisms, and mudrock microstructure. Also many projects involve sailing on research vessels to study active spreading centers in various corners of the globe.
Patrick Heimbach
ocean dynamics and its role in climate variability; Earth system modeling with emphasis on ocean, sea ice, and ice-ocean interactions; inverse modeling; state and parameter estimation; adjoint methods; algorithmic differentiation; uncertainty quantification
Mark A Helper Mark A Helper
Dr. Helper is a field geologist, a generalist whose interests span igneous and metamorphic petrology, structural geology, tectonics, mineralogy and planetary field geology. His current research explores geochemical and isotopic similarities of Proterozoic and Archean crust in East Antarctica and the southwestern U.S., the Precambrian geology of Texas, and the origin of epidote blueschists in the Klamath Mountains of northern California. Recent senior honors theses under his supervision have examined the mineralogy of Texas topaz, hydration and textural patterns in Balmorhea blue agate, and the distribution and origin of joints in the Hueco Tanks syenite. Working with NASA colleagues, he is also involved in analog planetary field research that examines the utility and efficacy of robotically gathering field data, both as a prelude to and follow-on to human geologic field work on the Moon and Mars. As co-chair of FEAT (Field Exploration and Analysis Team), he helped develop a new curriculum for the geological field training of astronauts and currently co-leads NASA's astronaut field geology training exercises. He also teaches field mapping techniques to NASA engineers and scientists who are developing capabilities for exploring the surface of asteroids, the Moon and Mars.
Peter H Hennings
Thomas Hess
Geoscience software, anisotropic imaging, seismic processing, seismic geometry, deconvolution, problem solving.
Marc A Hesse Marc A Hesse
Multiphase flow in porous media, geomechanics, numerical simulation, mathematical, modeling, reactive transport, magma dynamics.
Jack Holt Jack Holt
Mars ice and paleoclimate, Alaskan glaciers, airborne and orbital geophysics, hydrogeophysics, paleomagnetism. See Jack's UTIG webpage:
Brian K Horton Brian K Horton
Tectonics of sedimentary basins, evolution of orogenic systems, sediment provenance and routing systems, nonmarine depositional processes.
Seyyed Abolfazl Hosseini Seyyed Abolfazl Hosseini
Research interests are mainly topics related to fluid transport in porous media. Current research includes: Enhanced Oil Recovery - Enhanced Gas Recovery - Upscaling and Upgridding - Above Zone Monitoring Interval - Reservoir Simulation and History Matching - Unconventional Reservoirs
Susan D Hovorka Susan D Hovorka
Geologic carbon sequestration in deep sedimentary environments as part of carbon capture and storage. PI of the Gulf Coast Caron Center ( focused on research relevant to commercial development of geologic sequestration in regions where it is both needed and possible. Monitoring field projects. Petrography and sedimentology supporting hydrogeology in karst and contaminated systems. K-12 and public outreach and education.
Michael R Hudec Michael R Hudec
Salt tectonics, 3-D computer modeling, kinematic models for evolution and growth of salt structures, structural geology, cross-section restoration and balancing, seismic interpretation
Svetlana  Ikonnikova Svetlana Ikonnikova
energy economics; natural gas; oil
Charles S Jackson Charles S Jackson
global warming, abrupt climate change, sea level rise, ocean mixing, Bayesian Inference, inverse modeling, simulation, climate projections, uncertainty quantification
Christina James
Eric W James Eric W James
Isotope geochemistry, igneous petrology, analytical chemistry
Joel P Johnson Joel P Johnson
Process geomorphology, feedbacks between channel morphology and hydrology and sediment transport, landscape sensitivity to climate and lithology, bedrock river erosion, flash floods, arroyo erosion, canyon formation, debris flows, environmental monitoring and sensor networks, laboratory flume experimentation, numerical modeling, tsunami sediment transport and deposition.
Scott D Kempf Scott D Kempf
Data management, radar data, airborne geophysics, computer systems, computer programming, carrier phase GPS processing, LIDAR, magnetic and gravity surveying.
Charles  Kerans Charles Kerans
Carbonate sequence stratigraphy, depositional systems, reservoir characterization, basin analysis, seismic interpretation, seismic stratigraphy, paleokarst analysis, carbonate diagenesis
Richard A Ketcham Richard A Ketcham
High-resolution X-ray computed tomography, CT scanning, 3D image analysis, fission-track dating, thermochronology, structural geology, tectonics, digital morphology, trabecular bone
Wonsuck  Kim Wonsuck Kim
Quantitative stratigraphy, Shoreline dynamics, Morphodynamcis, Sediment transport, Deltaic sedimentation, River delta restoration, Coupled mathematical modeling and experimental stratigraphy, Planetary surface processes.
Carey W King Carey W King
Energy and renewable energy generation, usage, conservation, policy, and education; energy systems approaches; energy return on energy invested, net energy; carbon capture and sequestration; nexus of water and energy; renewable energy and electricity integration
Jay P Kipper Jay P Kipper
Personnel management, fiscal reporting, budget management, contract negotiation, management of geological samples
Gary A Kocurek Gary A Kocurek
Sedimentology, geomorphology and stratigraphy of aeolian systems; fluid flow and grain transport; bedform dynamics and pattern evolution of dune fields; the stratigraphic record of aeolian and related systems on Earth and Mars.
Alison M Koleszar
Charles W Kreitler
J. Richard Kyle J. Richard Kyle
Ore deposits geology, strata-controlled mineral resources, metals & industrial minerals exploration, ore petrology, characterization of ore-forming fluids, high resolution X-ray computed tomography applications to ore genesis & processing, geology of energy critical elements, resources & society, geology & mineral resources of Texas
Lynton S Land Lynton S Land
Sedimentary geochemistry, diagenesis
Toti E Larson Toti E Larson
Dr. Larson is a stable isotope geochemist specializing in novel methods of light isotope measurement that include silicate laser fluorination, compound-specific carbon isotope measurement, and gas chromatography. His current research focuses on developing tracers to probe shallow (vadose zone) and deeper CO2 sequestration and unconventional reservoirs. He integrates experimental flow through column experiments with diffusion-advection modeling to understanding the behavior of tracer compounds in a variety of substrates. He also couples light isotope fractionation with these tracer studies to understand molecular interactions during transport.
John C Lassiter John C Lassiter
Earth's origin and evolution, isotope and trace element geochemistry, the role of crust and lithospheric mantle recycling in the generation of mantle chemical heterogeneity, the origin and distribution of water and other volatile elements in the Earth's interior, and the thermal and chemical evolution of the Earth's core and core/mantle boundary
Stephen E Laubach Stephen E Laubach
Structural diagenesis, structural geology, fracture analysis, fluid inclusion and cathodoluminescence studies, rock mechanics, mechanical and fracture stratigraphy, hydrocarbon exploration and development in deep and/or structurally complex areas, tight gas sandstone, coalbed methane, shale gas; geologic aspects of hydraulic fracturing, application of borehole-imaging geophysical logs to stress and fracture evaluation, structural evolution of North American Cordillera, fracture history of NW Scotland, regional fracture studies Argentina.
Luc L Lavier Luc L Lavier
Tectonics; the structural and geodynamical evolution of continental and oceanic rifts, as well as collisional environments; numerical techniques to model tectonic processes on crustal and lithospheric scales; deformation; subduction
Lawrence A Lawver Lawrence A Lawver
Marine geophysics, plate tectonics, magnetics, gravity, heat flow, seismic studies, paleogeographic reconstructions of Gondwana, the Polar Regions, East Asia, and the Western Pacific
Joe Levy Joe Levy
Permafrost, Antarctica, Planetary geology, Mars, Geomorphology, Remote Sensing, GIS
Jung-Fu  Lin Jung-Fu Lin
Mineral physics, physics and chemistry of planetary materials, solid-Earth geophysics and geochemistry, high-pressure diamond anvil cell, X-ray and laser spectroscopy
Staci L Loewy Staci L Loewy
Robert G Loucks Robert G Loucks
Research in carbonate, sandstone, and mudrock stratigraphy, sedimentology, diagenesis, reservoir characterization, and pore network analysis.
E L Lundelius E L Lundelius
Vertebrate Paleontology. Research interests are Pleistocene and Holocene mammals with emphasis on paleo-environmental reconstructions and microevolutionary changes. Analysis of nonhuman skeletal material from archaeological sites. Application of quantitative techniques to paleontological problems.
Jessica A Maisano Jessica A Maisano
Vertebrate paleontology, herpetology, morphology, developmental biology, high-resolution x-ray computed tomography, digital morphology,
Randall Marrett Randall Marrett
Structural geology, tectonics, deformation processes in the upper continental crust, folds, faults, opening-mode fractures, fluid flow through fracture systems, applications of fractals, natural hazards
Rowan C Martindale Rowan C Martindale
Triassic and Jurassic reef paleoecology, mass extinctions (Triassic-Jurassic, 201 Ma), carbon cycle perturbation events in deep time, ocean acidification in deep time, invertebrate paleontology (corals, sponges, algae, microbes), Mesozoic marine communities and ecosystems, exceptional fossil preservation, paleoecology, carbonate petrography, warm-water and cool-water carbonate (eco)systems, low-temperature geochemistry.
Linda R Mc Call Linda R Mc Call
Earle F McBride Earle F McBride
Research in sandstone diagenesis, hydrocarbon reservoir quality of sandstones, sandstone petrology, chert, concretions, provenance of sandstone, the fate of pores in sandstone, cementation by quartz and calcite
Fred W McDowell Fred W McDowell
Geochronology, potassium-argon dating, magmatism, magmatic history of western and northern Mexico and adjacent areas of the southwestern United States
Kirk D McIntosh Kirk D McIntosh
Structure and development of continental margins along convergent and transpressive plate boundaries; sediment accretion, subduction, and erosion at convergent margins; forearc and backarc extension and compression; fluid dynamics in accretionary prisms; shallow-subduction seismicity
Dr. Tip Meckel Dr. Tip Meckel
Stratigraphy, structural geology, CO2 sequestration, carbon capture and storage, CCS, high-resolution 3D seismic imaging
Nathaniel R Miller Nathaniel R Miller
Sedimentary geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, Earth system evolution, Q-ICP-MS, microanalytics, GIS, Neoproterozoic climate
Kitty L Milliken Kitty L Milliken
Petrography and geochemistry of siliciclastic rocks; diagenesis; electron microbeam methods: X-ray mapping, cathodoluminescence imaging; micro-scale reservoir characterization
Kevan  Moffett Kevan Moffett
David  Mohrig David Mohrig
Sedimentary Geology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Geomorphology, Rivers, Deltas, Coastlines, Submarine Channels, Geohazards, Sediment-Gravity Currents, Sediment Transport, Seismic Interpretation, Basin Analysis
Ann M Molineux
Sharon  Mosher Sharon Mosher
Structural petrology, field-oriented structural geology, the evolution of complexly deformed terranes, strain analysis, deformation mechanisms, the interaction between chemical and physical processes during deformation
Yosio  Nakamura Yosio Nakamura
Geophysics, lunar and planetary seismology, ocean-bottom seismometry
Gregory C Ng
Jean Nicot Jean Nicot
Subsurface hydrology, numerical modeling and optimization of groundwater resources, multiphase flow and contaminant transport in both the unsaturated and saturated zones, geochemistry modeling and subsurface reactive transport, Mathematical geology, geostatistics, inverse modeling, optimization, risk assessment and risk analysis
Ian O Norton Ian O Norton
Plate tectonics, structural evolution of continental margins, reconciliation of observations from structural geology with regional tectonics
Yuko M Okumura Yuko M Okumura
Climate dynamics, climate variability and change, large-scale ocean-atmosphere interactions, atmospheric teleconnections, paleoclimate and thermohaline circulation
Cornel  Olariu Cornel Olariu
Clastic Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Depositional Environments, Basin Analysis
Hilary C Olson Hilary C Olson
Biostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental analysis of foraminifera
Raymond L Orbach Raymond L Orbach
Complex systems/non-linear dynamics; Transport in random media;
Jeffrey G Paine Jeffrey G Paine
Near-surface geophysics in hydrogeology and environmental and Quaternary geology; coastal geology; Quaternary geology and geomorphology; computer applications in the geological sciences
Judson W Partin Judson W Partin
Paleoclimate, Stable and Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry
Desmond B Patterson
Suzanne A Pierce Suzanne A Pierce
Integrated Water Resources Management Decision Support Systems Sustainability Science Energy-Water Groundwater Management Participatory Modeling
Jorge R Pinon Jorge R Pinon
Latin American and Caribbean energy, Energy, energy policy, Latin America,
Mary F Poteet
karst ecosystems, biotic response and vulnerability to climate change, invasive species
Jay J Pulliam Jay J Pulliam
Structure of the deep Earth, seismic methods based on ray perturbation theory, broadband ocean-bottom seismographs (BBOBS) suitable for recording earthquakes on the ocean floor
Terrence M Quinn Terrence M Quinn
Paleoclimate, climate, climate change, climate dynamics, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, sedimentary geology and geochemistry
Daniella M Rempe Daniella M Rempe
Hydrology, Geomorphology, Ecohydrology, Catchment Hydrology, Near-surface Geophysics, Hydrogeology
Thomas G Richter
Katherine D Romanak Katherine D Romanak
Geochemistry and isotope systematics of carbon cycling in the vadose zone and in freshwater aquifers; soil-gas monitoring and surface gas flux measurements at CO2 sequestration sites; microbial influences on carbon geochemistry in the shallow subsurface; fate and transport of organic contaminants.
Harry Rowe
inorganic geochemistry, stable isotope geochemistry, mineral chemistry, paleoceanography
Timothy B Rowe Timothy B Rowe
Vertebrate paleontology, evolution and development of the vertebrate skeleton, phylogenetic systematics, the early history of mammals and their extinct relatives among Synapsida, the history of birds and their extinct relatives among Dinosauria, the history of other amniotes, high-resolution X-ray computed tomography, CT scanner, DigiMorph, informatics
Stephen C Ruppel Stephen C Ruppel
Mudrock systems sedimentology, stratigraphy, and rock attributes; Paleozoic depositional systems and basin analysis; carbonate reservoir characterization; conodont biostratigraphy and 87Sr/86Sr chemostratigraphy, carbonate sedimentology and geochemistry
James Sagebiel
Steffen  Saustrup Steffen Saustrup
Seismic data acquisition and processing, Focus and SIOSEIS processing and oversight, set-up and maintenance of Geoframe interpretation projects, field technical support; installation and operation of UTIG hi-res seismic system.
Kutalmis  Saylam Kutalmis Saylam
Bridget R Scanlon Bridget R Scanlon
Evaluation of the impact of climate variability and land use change on groundwater recharge, application of numerical models for simulating variably saturated flow and transport, controls on nitrate contamination in aquifers
Roustam  Seif Roustam Seif
Development of new algorithms for advanced geophysical and electromagnetic inversion and imaging technique, interactive computer simulations, parallel computations
Mrinal K Sen Mrinal K Sen
Seismic wave propagation including anisotropy, geophysical inverse problems, earthquakes and earth structure, applied seismology, petroleum exploration including 4D seismology
Muhammad J Shaikh Muhammad J Shaikh
High resolution modeling; land-atmospheric interactions; carbon-nitrogen cycles in climate models; and climate data analysis.
Timothy M Shanahan Timothy M Shanahan
Paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, paleolimnology, sedimentary geology and geochemistry, organic geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, compound-specific stable isotope analysis
John M Sharp John M Sharp
Hyrdogeology; flow in fractured rocks; thermohaline free convection; fracture skin effects; regional flow in carbonate rocks; hydrology of arid and semi-arid zones; subsidence and coastal land loss; effects of urbanization; alluvial aquifers; hydrogeology of sedimentary basins;hydrological processes in ore deposit formation; and hydrogeophysics.
Yi J Shi
Douglas  Smith Douglas Smith
Research on mantle evolution using tools of mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry.
John W Snedden John W Snedden
Sequence Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Reservoir Development and Connectivity, Petroleum Geoscience
Graham Soto-Kerans
Kyle T Spikes Kyle T Spikes
Exploration Geophysics, in particular rock physics applications and seismic inversion techniques for reservoir characterization.
Ronald J Steel Ronald J Steel
Dr. Steel's research is aimed at using clastic sedimentology to address problems in basin analysis, dynamic stratigraphy and clastic reservoirs. I am particularly interested to decipher the signatures of tectonics, climate, sea level change and sediment supply in stratigraphic successions.
Daniel  Stockli Daniel Stockli
Thermo-/Geochronology, Tectonics and Structural Geology, Isotopic Provenance Analysis, Archeometry, Geothermal Exploration, and Thermal Maturation
Lisa D Stockli
U-Pb Geochronology and trace element analysis by LA-ICP-MS; TIMS and SIMS techniques;
Frederick W Taylor Frederick W Taylor
Tectonic geomorphology, stratigraphy, and paleogeodesy/paleoseismology at convergent plate margins Paleoclimate, fossil corals as a proxy for past sea-surface temperatures. Corals as recorders of relative sea level for vertical tectonics and sea-level history.
Carla M Thomas Carla M Thomas
Angella C Thompson
Scott W Tinker Scott W Tinker
Global energy supply and demand, Technology Administration, Multidisciplinary reservoir characterization, Carbonate sedimentology, Sequence stratigraphy, 3-D reservoir modeling, Resource assessment.
Nicola  Tisato Nicola Tisato
Are rocks elastic? Not really... especially when saturated with multi-phase fluids. Did you know that a seismic wave is able of mobilizing the liquid saturating rocks and that such a process reduces the seismic wave strength? Yes, this phenomenon, called Wave-Induced-Fluid-Flow could be used to improve subsurface imaging. How? The absorption of elastic energy varies with frequency, this means that certain frequencies are attenuated and other maybe not. Why is this important? Well, adding information about frequency to a seismic signal is like adding colour to a picture....(Under construction)
Ramon Trevino Ramon Trevino
Sequence stratigraphic interpretations (well logs, 3-D seismic), integrated reservoir characterization, subsurface correlation and mapping (using workstation and PC) and subsurface structural interpretation (using 3-D seismic), project management, CO2 sequestration
Chen-Hao Tsai
Harm J Van Avendonk Harm J Van Avendonk
Van Avendonk is an active-source seismologist who specializes in the acquisition and inversion of seismic refraction data on land and at sea. Often these seismic refraction data are used for a tomographic inversion. The resultant seismic velocity models help us to interpret the composition of the Earth’s crust and mantle, the geometry of sedimentary basins, and the structure of plate boundaries.
Jonathan W Virdell
Jason Visser
Edward Edward "Ned" K Vizy
climate dynamics, atmospheric dynamics, climate change, extreme weather events, climate system modeling, hurricanes, paleoclimate, mesoscale modeling
Laura Wallace
Crustal deformation, GPS/Geodesy, active plate boundary processes, subduction tectonics, geohazards
Jake Walter Jake Walter
ice sheet and glacier dynamics, tectonic tremor and slow slip, earthquakes, induced seismicity, seismic triggering of earthquakes and other phenomena
Jiangfeng  Wei Jiangfeng Wei
Land-atmosphere interactions, hydrology, water cycle
Timothy L Whiteaker Timothy L Whiteaker
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in water resources engineering, hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality modeling
Clark R Wilson Clark R Wilson
Geophysics, including gravity, space geodesy, and applied seismology
Brad Wolaver Brad Wolaver
Charles M Woodruff
Zong-Liang  Yang Zong-Liang Yang
Dr. Yang's primary research interest is to understand the exchanges of momentum, radiation, heat, water, carbon dioxide, and other materials between the atmosphere and the Earth surface spanning from small (short) to very large (long) scales. This includes analysis of in-situ and remotely-sensed data for the Earth's surface, and modeling studies of weather, climate and hydrology at local, regional and global scales.
Duncan A Young Duncan A Young
Ice-rock physical interactions in an ice cap context, tectonic evolution of the younger planetary crusts
Michael H Young Michael H Young
Ecohydrology of arid and semiarid landscapes; groundwater recharge in both managed agriculture and natural (arid and semi-arid) systems; influence of soil structure and vegetation on water cycling; design and implementation of monitoring systems for above-ground and near-surface below ground environments.
Christopher K Zahm Christopher K Zahm
Reservoir characterization, flow modeling in fractured reservoirs, porosity-permeability evolution
Jackson J Zerr
Donggao  Zhao Donggao Zhao
Electron microbeam and X-ray techniques, mantle mineralogy and petrology, environmental mineralogy, nuclear waste management, and materials science.