Jackson School knowledge resource for geoscientific software. Research Scientist developing resources for geoscience applications such as Openworks, Seisworks, Petrel, Kingdom Suite, Hampson Russell, Paradigm’s GeoDepth, Focus, Promax and Open source alternatives such as OpenDtect.

Assisting graduate students in using software, testing validity of data and quality control on acquired data, primarily 3 component OBS data, VSP, well logs, 2D,3D, and 4D seismic.

Developing techniques for velocity refinement for pre-stack depth migration for enhanced depth imaging. Anisotropic migrations, sub-seismic imaging, velocity models, reverse time migration. Multi-processor parallel processes and optimization

Areas of Expertise

Geoscience software, anisotropic imaging, seismic processing, seismic geometry, deconvolution, problem solving.