For Employers

Thank you for your interest in recruiting students and graduates of the Jackson School of Geosciences. Through JSG Career Services, employers can connect with our students in a variety of ways. We host a major career fair specializing in geoscience, environmental and energy each fall semester followed by on-campus recruiting and interviewing. In the spring semester, we host Employer Spotlight Days where employers can highlight their company and interview if they choose. More information on the different types of recruiting can be found below.

The JSG Career Center follows the NACE Principles as well as NACE’s guidelines for making offers to students.  We are happy to answer any questions about NACE guidelines and policies. Please view our Recruiting Guidelines page to learn more about NACE, as well as the JSG recruiting guidelines.

Ways to Connect with Students


The best way to connect with our students is through our online career services platform, Handshake. If your company hasn’t already done so, please create an online Handshake account. As an employer, this is where you will post open positions, whether it be for the JSG Career Fair or on-campus recruiting. Students will then be able to view your postings and apply if desired. Completing a profile and engaging with this platform is crucial to part of your success to gain access to the Jackson School Geosciences students.

Lunch and Learns

JSG student organizations are eager to invite employers to sponsor a meeting and present a technical or informational talk or employers may choose to host a Lunch and Learn event in one of our conference rooms. For more information on student organizations within the Jackson School of Geosciences, click here.

Company Information Sessions and Employer Spotlight Days

Employers are welcome to come to campus to showcase their company to our JSG students. This can be done through information sessions and/or employee spotlight days, where employers will meet with students and provide insight to their company. This is a great opportunity to promote your company and recruit some high-level candidates at the Jackson School.

Career Fairs & Expos

The Jackson School is excited to host an in-person career fair this fall. We also support the many different career expos across campus, including ones that highlight the tech industry, environmental consulting, and energy each semester. These expos are widely attended by Jackson School students, and it is a great opportunity to meet other UT students.

Spring Pop-up Career Fairs | February-March 2024

  • Recruit our students here at the Jackson School!
  • Questions about recruiting Jackson School Geosciences students, company info sessions, or career expos? Send a message to Jennifer Jordan, Career Services Director, at


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