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*Application tip from JSG Alum working in federal position*
To apply with any federal agency or federal government position all candidates apply through the USAJOBS website. This website allows users to view federal positions for a given geographic area and for a particular job title or “Series.” For most students graduating from Jackson School qualify as either “Physical Scientists,” “Geologists” and/or “Hydrologists.” For student interns or recent graduates, students should refer to the Pathways Program website.  One of the key differences between a federal resume and a standard corporate resumes is size and volume. In a Federal resume, keywords and relevant experience(s) with specific dates are very important to include and consequently there is no standard 1-2 page limitation. For example, if an applicant has specific experience with a particular software or application package that is relevant to the position being applied for, then the applicant should include those specific details and projects in their resume. The length of the resume is not scrutinized so include any details in the application. Using active voice or power words help candidates stand out. (For example; led, managed, oversaw)

Federal Application Resources:
Pathways – Recent Graduates Program
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