Host a pop-up career fair at the Jackson School of Geosciences

Hosting an individual, company pop-up career fair at the Jackson School of Geosciences presents a valuable opportunity for companies seeking exceptional talent within the realm of geosciences (also known as Employer Spotlights). The school stands as a hub for budding geoscientists, housing a pool of motivated and skilled students eager to embark on internships or pursue job opportunities within the field. The advantages of participating in such an event extend beyond merely filling positions; it’s about fostering relationships with future leaders and innovators.

Firstly, the school’s student center provides a high-traffic space that ensures maximum visibility for participating companies. This foot traffic guarantees exposure to a diverse and engaged audience, offering a prime platform to showcase the unique offerings and career prospects within the organization. Setting up tables and chairs for companies enables direct engagement with students, facilitating meaningful conversations about available roles, company culture, and growth prospects.

To eliminates logistical parking hurdles, we cover parking fees for companies who participate. Whether companies opt for a full or half-day presence, the flexibility in scheduling ensures adaptability to their specific needs and time constraints.

By engaging with students at the Jackson School of Geosciences, companies not only gain access to a talent pool but also have the chance to leave a lasting impression. Students often seek companies that align with their values, career aspirations, and work culture. A well-executed presence at this event can foster positive brand association, positioning the company as an employer of choice within the geosciences domain.

Ultimately, the pop-up career fair at the Jackson School of Geosciences is an ideal avenue for companies to forge connections, identify promising talent, and promote their brand. It’s an opportunity not just to fill positions but to invest in the future of the industry by nurturing and supporting the next generation of geoscience professionals.

We can arrange a space for you inside the Holland Family Student Center. Pop-ups are only hosted during the spring semesters (January-April).

Please email Jennifer Jordan at for more information or to schedule your pop-up today!