Research Themes

Our research encompasses all parts of the Earth’s dynamic system, investigating the linkages between the Earth’s interior, surface, hydrosphere, cryosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere, and how the coupling of chemical, physical, biological, and geological processes shape the evolution of Earth and impact society. Our research themes are unconventional in that they blend deep time and present day, investigating the longer term consequences of short term processes.

Climate & the Environment

From land-water-atmosphere-biosphere interactions and climate dynamics to the carbon cycle, our research covers all aspects of climate from past to present. Our geobiology research ranges from biotic changes through time and evolutionary morphology and systematics to geomicrobiology.

Energy Geosciences

From subsurface basin analysis and reservoir characterization to reservoir geophysics and energy policy, we focus on hydrocarbon energy research ranging from the traditional to the cutting-edge, as well as the environmental effects of resource extraction on water and land use.

Marine Geosciences

From tectonics at active plate margins to clastic sedimentation and carbonate systems in the marine environment, our research encompasses a wide range of marine geology and geophysics. Our researchers also study the interactions between oceanography and climate with tectonic and sedimentary systems and use a variety of techniques to past ...

Planetary Sciences & Geobiology

Our research program is working to make the Jackson School of Geosciences one of the world's leading centers for planetary research. Scientists in the planetary theme are exploring geology across the solar system, with special emphasis on the Moon, Earth, Mars, asteroids, and icy satellites. JSG researchers combine mission involvement, ...

Solid Earth & Tectonic Processes

From plate tectonic and deformation processes to mantle evolution and dynamics and melt generation and volcanism, our research spans the range of tectonics and deep crustal processes.

Surface & Hydrologic Processes

From watersheds and aquifers to source-to-sink sediment transport and land surface dynamics, our research focuses on processes that shape the Earth's surface, the rock record results, and interaction with hydrologic systems.