Creating Future Geoscientists

GeoFORCE is a K-12 outreach program of the Jackson School of Geosciences designed to increase the number and broaden the participation of students pursuing STEM degrees and careers, especially the geosciences.

Summer Academies

Learn about our summer academy program, how to apply, and how to register every year.

Transition to College

We are dedicated to help our students transition as they graduate from high school and move on through college and into the workforce.

Support GeoFORCE

GeoFORCE relies on generous sponsors and individual donors to give our students these summer opportunities.
Marlowe Story

These last 4 years, my life has tremendously improved. I feel more confident as a person and student, I have learned so much about work ethic, group settings and so much about the environment. I want to study environmental sciences and hope to help improve other people's lives in the future.- Marlowe Story, GeoFORCE graduate

What is GeoFORCE?

The University of Texas at Austin’s Jackson School of Geosciences provides education and research to enhance our knowledge of the Earth. Each summer GeoFORCE takes high school students on spectacular geological field academies in Texas and throughout the United States.


Increasing the Number & Diversity of Future Geoscientists

GeoFORCE is designed to provide lasting experiences for middle and high school students that will capture their interest, motivate them to explore STEM, and build their awareness of opportunities in highly technical careers, especially the geosciences.