Transition to College

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Transition to College

Though the GeoFORCE Texas Program is a high school summer experience, GeoFORCE continues to support our students as they transition to, attend, and graduate college.


The program encompasses:

Transition to College Program: College will be a big change for many of you, and GeoFORCE is here to answer your questions, and give you support for that critical time between high school graduation and the end of the first college semester.

College Support and Mentoring: While in college, we offer support as needed for any college related questions, invitations to GeoFORCE events, and information about scholarships, internships, and other job opportunities.

Graduate or Professional School: We support our students as they apply to Master’s or Doctoral programs.

Into the Job Market: Reaching out through various calls for resumes and emailed opportunities about job openings in industry, government, and more!


The most important thing is that you keep in touch with us! You will be invited to fill out a high school graduation survey in May of your senior year as well as a college graduation survey the semester you intend to graduate. We also send out bi-yearly alumni surveys to keep up-to-date with your contact information and your successes. We are always thrilled to highlight our alumni in our monthly GeoFORCE newsletter.