Alumni Resources

Transition to College

The spot for GeoFORCE Alumni currently pursuing their undergraduate & graduate degrees

After you’ve graduated from the program, we’re here for your next one, your college graduation!

College Application Checklist:

  • Review the GeoFORCE College Guidebook
  • Check for College Application Fee Waivers
    • Before submitting a college application, please check if you are eligible for an application fee waiver! You may be eligible for an application fee waiver if you are eligible to receive free or reduced lunch, or if you received an SAT or ACT fee waiver. The application fee waiver for those applying to UT Austin is attached HERE.
  • Ask for Letters of Recommendation

Upcoming Alumni Events :

Alumni College Graduation Survey & GeoFORCE Cords

We’re so happy for all of our alumni graduating from college/university this coming spring, summer, or fall! If this is you, we’d love to celebrate you with graduation cords and continue to help you out in your future endeavors.

Please fill out this survey by April 8th to ensure you receive your cords before graduation!

March 25th, Monday
Next 2 weeks
Survey Link

Calling All Alumni at Texas A&M! Come by our first GeoFORCE Aggies social of the year! Hear about all the transition to college & career resources we have for you all and connect with fellow alumni at A&M.

GeoFORCE Longhorns: End-of-Year Social

All Alumni at UT are welcome to come to our End-of-Year social where we’ll have dinner and activities provided. This is also when students graduating from UT this year should stop by to pick up their college graduation cords.

April 24th, Wednesday
5:30 – 6:30 pm
JGB 4.102