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This spreadsheet catalogues interesting research programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Please review closely and follow the links to program websites for further information.

UT Austin – Jackson School of Geosciences (JSG)

GEOPAths GO: Jamaica!

Are you interested in conducting interdisciplinary research in Jamaica this summer? Apply to be part of this team and get the chance to perform cutting-edge research on critical coastal ecosystems in Jamaica (and Texas)! Students will also research how these ecosystems are impacted by anthropogenic change and learn how different aspects of biology, chemistry, and oceanography intersect in the Earth Sciences.

You would:

  • Spend approximately five weeks during Summer 2024 researching in Austin, Texas and Jamaica.
  • Conduct cutting-edge research on various aspects of critical coastal ecosystems
  • Learn about the connection between the Earth Sciences and conservation efforts on a tropical island.
  • Work alongside distinguished scientists from the University of Texas and the University of the West Indies-Mona.
  • Have the chance to present your research at a national conference (ex. GSA, AGU, etc.) with funding for your trip covered.
  • Have housing during field work, travel, and research expenses covered. You will also receive a stipend of $18/hr for 20hrs/week.

Applications closed March 10, 2024. But this opportunity is expected to re-open in Fall 2024

UTChron AGeS DIG 2024: Summer Research Opportunity

The UTChron laboratory and research group is committed to exposing students to cutting-edge geochemistry, geochronology, and thermochronology while also exploring their application to geology, tectonics, petrology, and stratigraphy. Their laboratory and research group is committed to outreach, with the goal of exposing undergraduate students from underrepresented groups to these opportunities.

You would:

  • Spend six weeks in Austin, including about 3 days of field work in the Hill Country in Central Texas.
  • Conduct sample processing and measurement at the UTChron lab
  • Learn how to evaluate thermochronological data, form a hypothesis, and create a scientific poster to present your research and results.
  • Participate in a local Geological Society of America (GSA) conference in Spring 2025
  • Network with leading scientists and researchers at JSG.
  • Have housing for the stay in Austin, financial support for the Spring 2025 GSA conference attendance, and a $2,500 stipend provided

Applications closed March 10, 2024. But this opportunity is expected to re-open in Fall 2024

Undergraduate Research Traineeship Experience (RTX)

The RTX is a paid opportunity for STEM undergraduates and recent graduates to gain technical skills, get involved in geoscience research and develop your own educational and professional goals.

You would:

  • Spend eight weeks as part of a cohort of students learning together and supporting one another.
  • Participate in a series of training modules on data analytics, computational techniques, digital tools, and programming languages used in the geosciences.
  • Engage in weekly workshops on research skills and personal and professional development, with topics like reading scientific literature, coping with stress, and how to apply to graduate school.
  • Trainees are selected as a “Researcher” or a “Learner.”
    • “Researchers” are paired with mentors and guided through an independent research project that focuses on applying the skills learned.
    • “Learners” gain research exposure by attending Jackson School research group meetings through “Research Rotations.”
  • See examples of past projects and training modules here

Applications closed February 23, 2024. But this opportunity is expected to re-open in Fall 2024

Environmental Science Institute Summer REU

Applications are now open for ESI’s Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program, which offers a fantastic opportunity for students to engage in environmental science and sustainability research, including water resources and climate! 

  • This is a 10-week long program in Austin, Texas, expected to begin on Tuesday, May 28, and end on Friday, August 2, 2024.
  • Students will be given a total stipend of $6000 over the course of the program, and there are additional funds to offset the cost of travel and food. On-campus housing will also be provided.
  • Participants will attend program seminars, field trips, and events related to environmental science and sustainability research.
  • Students will gain experience with both STEM and social science research perspectives. Each student will be part of a research project led by a faculty mentor and work with other students in the cohort to integrate their research plans and develop an interdisciplinary understanding of sustainable urban systems.
  • See examples of past research projects here

Applications closed February 5, 2024. But this opportunity is expected to re-open in Fall 2024

Opportunities Outside of UT Austin

NSF Funded REU’s

The US National Science Foundation (NSF) funds a large number of Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) throughout the year. An REU Site consists of a group of ten or so undergraduates who work in the research programs across the nation and possibly in foreign locations. Each student works closely with faculty members and other researchers at the university they’ll be conducting research with. Students are granted stipends and, in many cases, assistance with housing and travel. Applications for each REU are submitted through the host university’s website. Undergraduate students supported with NSF funds must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its possessions.

Search for REU’s currently taking applications HERE

View a list of REU’s in all STEM fields HERE