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From the energy transition and climate change to natural disasters and drought, geoscientists are at the forefront of solving society's critical issues.

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The Jackson School of Geosciences combines three world-class integrated units to offer a depth and breadth of educational and research opportunities found at no other institution. All three have a global reputation and some of the world's best experts in their scientific disciplines. The combination makes the Jackson School a truly unique place to pursue an education and conduct research. Click on the links below to explore the amazing research being conducted at each unit.

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Department of Earth
and Planetary Sciences

Bureau of Economic Geology

Bureau of
Economic Geology

Institute for Geophysics

Institute for

Making a Global Impact

Research at the Jackson School of Geosciences spans the planet. From mountain tops to ocean trenches, from Texas to Antarctica, Jackson School scientists are looking for answers to some of the most difficult and important questions facing our world. This map contains just a few highlights of that research. For more, see Jackson School News.

World Map Sudan South Sudan Georgia Abkhazia South Ossetia Peru Burkina Faso Libya Belarus Pakistan Azad Jammu and Kashmir Indonesia Yemen Madagascar Bolivia, Plurinational State of Serbia Kosovo Cote d'Ivoire Algeria Switzerland Cameroon North Macedonia, Republic of Botswana Kenya Jordan Mexico United Arab Emirates Belize Brazil Sierra Leone Mali Congo, Democratic Republic of the Italy Somalia Somaliland Afghanistan Bangladesh Dominican Republic Guinea-Bissau Ghana Austria Sweden Turkey Uganda Mozambique New Zealand Cuba Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Portugal Colombia Mauritania Angola Germany Thailand Papua New Guinea Iraq Croatia Greenland Niger Denmark Latvia Romania Zambia Myanmar Ethiopia Guatemala Suriname Czech Republic Chad Albania Finland Syrian Arab Republic Kyrgyzstan Solomon Islands Oman Panama Argentina United Kingdom Costa Rica Paraguay Guinea Ireland Nigeria Tunisia Poland Namibia South Africa Egypt Tanzania, United Republic of Saudi Arabia Vietnam, Socialist Republic of Russian Federation Southern Kuril Islands Crimea Haiti Bosnia and Herzegovina India Canada El Salvador Guyana Belgium Equatorial Guinea Lesotho Bulgaria Burundi Djibouti Azerbaijan Artsakh, Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Malaysia Philippines Uruguay Congo, Republic of the Estonia Rwanda Armenia Senegal Togo Spain Gabon Hungary Malawi Tajikistan Cambodia Korea, Republic of Honduras Iceland Nicaragua Chile Morocco Western Sahara Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Liberia