Sedimentology and Earth Surface Processes Minor

The Sedimentology and Earth Surface Processes Minor provides a selection of courses that will establish an understanding of the processes that shape the Earth’s surface, the rock record results, and interactions with other systems over time. Students completing this minor will gain an understanding of the changing character of the surface environment of the Earth which is critical for understanding the past and future trajectories for life on Earth.

The Sedimentology and Earth Surface Processes Minor requires 16 credit hours as follows:

GEO 303 or GEO 401Introduction to Geology / Physical Geology3 or 4
GEO 416M or GEO 416KSedimentary Rocks / Earth Materials4
Three of the following upper-division GEO courses:9 or 10
Transitions in the History of Life 
Energy Exploration 
Quantitative Seismic Interpretation 
Geodynamics of the Lithosphere and Mantle 
Construction and Interpretations of 3-D Stratigraphy 
Geomorphology Process and Form 
Evolution of Reef Ecosystems 
List of additional upper-division course options available on the JSG website.
Please Note: 
Registration for any of these courses requires that existing prerequisite course requirements are adequately met. 
Petitions to substitute another course to use toward any requirement must be submitted to the JSG Advising Office prior to the start of the semester in question.