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Course # Course Name Syllabus Semester
GEO 380C Advanced Structural Geology   Fall
GEO 380F Seismology II   Fall
GEO 380G Construction and Interpretation of 3-D Stratigraphy   Fall
GEO 380N Sequence Stratigraphy Syllabus Spring
GEO 380P Advanced Reservoir Characterization: Carbonates    
GEO 380R Dynamics of Sedimentary Systems I   Spring
GEO 380S Dynamics of Sedimentary Systems II    
GEO 380T Geoclimatology   Fall
GEO 381C Structural Petrology    
GEO 381E Brittle Structure   Fall
GEO 381G Geomicrobiology    
GEO 381K Tectonic Problems   Spring
GEO 381P Plate Margins    
GEO 381R Regional Studies in Mineral Resources   Spring
GEO 381T Marine Tectonics Syllabus Spring
GEO 382C Groundwater Field Methods    
GEO 382D Crustal Geofluids   Spring
GEO 382F Fractured Rock Hydrology and Mechanics    
GEO 382G Fluid Physics for Geologists   Spring
GEO 382S Physical Hydrology   Fall
GEO 382T Continental Tectonics   Fall
GEO 383 Clastic Depositional Systems   Fall
GEO 383C Geology and Hydrology    
GEO 383D Numerical Methods I: Computational Methods in Geological Sciences   Fall
GEO 383E Digital Methods in Hydrogeology    
GEO 383G Geochemistry of Sedimentary Rocks    
GEO 383K Paleoecology    
GEO 383L Petrography of Sandstones    
GEO 383M Petrography of Carbonates and Evaporates    
GEO 383N Depositional Systems: Carbonates and Evaporates   Fall
GEO 383P Potential Field Applications in Geophysics   Spring
GEO 383R Reservoir Geology and Advanced Recovery   Fall
GEO 383S Sedimentary Basin Analysis Syllabus Spring
GEO 383T Tectonics and Climate Interactions in Foreland Basins    
GEO 384C Seismology I   Fall
GEO 384D Physics of Earth Syllabus Fall
GEO 384E Seismic Migration and Inversion    
GEO 384F Computational Methods for Geophysics   Spring
GEO 384G Subsurface Mapping and Petroleum Workstations   Fall
GEO 384M Inverse Theory   Spring
GEO 384N Rock Physics   Fall
GEO 384R Geophysical Time Series Analysis   Spring
GEO 384S Seismic Reflection Processing   Spring
GEO 384T Seismic Lithology Syllabus Spring
GEO 384U Quantitative Seismic Interpretation    
GEO 384W Seismic Imaging    
GEO 185G Geophysics Colloquium   Fall
GEO 385Q Mathematical Methods in Geophysics   Spring
GEO 386 Metamorphic Petrology    
GEO 386E Economic Geology   Fall
GEO 386G GIS and GPS Applications in Earth Sciences   Fall
GEO 386K Igneous Petrology   Spring
GEO 386R Geology of Earth’s Resources   Fall
GEO 386T Topics in Volcanology    
GEO 387C Chemical Hydrogeology Syllabus Spring
GEO 387D Climate Dynamics   Spring
GEO 387E Environmental Organic Geochemistry    
GEO 387F Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans    
GEO 387G Climate System Modeling   Fall
GEO 387H Physical Climatology   Fall
GEO 387P Climate System Physics   Spring
GEO 388G Global Biogeochemical Cycles   Fall
GEO 388H Environmental Isotope Geochemistry Syllabus Spring
GEO 388L Isotope Geology   Fall
GEO 388P Paleontological Lab Techniques    
GEO 388R(?) Advanced Thermochronology   Spring
GEO 388T High-Temperature Geochemistry   Fall
GEO 389M Vertebrates Paleontology: Mammals    
GEO 389P Digital Methods in Morphology   Fall
GEO 389R Morphology of the Vertebrate Skeleton    
GEO 389S Systematics and Paleontology   Fall
GEO 389V Vertebrate Paleontology    
GEO 390D Seismology III    
GEO 390M Thermodynamics of Geologic Processes   Fall
GEO 390R Analytical Methods: Electron-Microbeam Techniques   Fall
GEO 390S Analytical Methods: Mass Spectrometry Syllabus Spring
GEO 191 Digital Laboratory Methods   Spring
GEO 191 Digital Methods Laboratory   Spring
GEO 191 Proposal Writing   Spring
GEO 191 Topics in Marine Geology and Geophysics   Fall
GEO 291 Geomorphology/Glaciology Seminar   Fall
GEO 291 Sedimentology of Caicos Platform   Spring
GEO 291 Vadose Zone Processes   Fall
GEO 391 Acquisition of Seismic Reflection Data   Spring
GEO 391 Advanced Digital Methods in Paleontology Syllabus Spring
GEO 391 Advanced Field Geology   Spring
GEO 391 Advances in Unconventional Shale Gas Reserves   Fall
GEO 391 Advanced CO2 Injection and Storage of Geological Forms   Fall
GEO 391 Applied Karst Hydrogeology Syllabus Spring
GEO 391 Climate Change: Current Lit Syllabus Fall
GEO 391 Climate Systems Discussion   Spring
GEO 391 Ecohydrology   Fall
GEO 391 Essentials of Flow in Porous Media Syllabus Spring
GEO 391 Evolutionary Novelty   Spring
GEO 391 Field Stratigraphy: Guadalupe Mountains   Spring
GEO 391 Fundamentals and Applications of ICP-MS   Fall
GEO 391 Geochronology   Fall
GEO 391 Geology of the Middle East Syllabus Spring
GEO 391 Hydrogeophysics   Fall
GEO 391 Ins and Outs of Subduction Zones   Fall
GEO 391 Introductory Geoscience Computation Syllabus Spring
GEO 391 Land Atmosphere Interaction Dynamics   Fall
GEO 391 Marine Geology   Fall
GEO 391 Meteoritics and Early Solar System Processes   Fall
GEO 391 Microstructures and Rock Rheology   Spring
GEO 391 Mineral Physics   Spring
GEO 391 Morphodynamics Syllabus Fall
GEO 391 Multidimensional Data Analysis   Fall
GEO 391 Paleoclimatology   Fall
GEO 391 Petroleum Basin Analysis-IBA Syllabus Spring
GEO 391 Silicilcastic Petrology   Fall
GEO 391 Thermochronology   Spring
GEO 391 Topics in Vertebrate Paleontology   Spring
GEO 391C Physical Hydrogeology   Fall
GEO 391D Regional Tectonics    
GEO 391Q Topics in Quarternary Geology    
GEO 391S Current Topics in Paleobiology    
GEO 191W Aquifer Testing   Fall
GEO 392M Modern Geological Sciences   Fall
GEO 193 Technical Sessions    
GEO 397F Marine Geology and Geophysics Field Course   Summer


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