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All undergraduates in the Jackson School take a set of fundamental courses, establishing a common foundation shared by students in all of the degree options. These courses include at least one of the three major introductory courses, with variations depending on a student’s degree track. Other fundamental courses cover earth materials, sedimentary rocks, the introduction to field & stratigraphic methods, and structural geology. Most undergraduates also take part in either the six-week summer field trip, Geology 660, or a comparable field course.

In addition to their geological science courses, Jackson School undergraduates must fulfill course requirements outside the Department. These include courses essential to the mathematical and scientific skills needed to become a geoscientist, such as advanced calculus and chemistry, as well as general course requirements for the university in English, history, foreign language, and other areas.

Course Catalogs & Schedules

Lower Division

Course # Course Name Course Info Semester
GEO 401 Physical Geology    
BDP 101 Environmental Change and Sustainability   Spring
GEO 302C Climate: Past, Present and Future   Spring
GEO 302D The Age of Dinosaurs   Fall
GEO 302E Earth, Wind and Fire   Spring
GEO 302M Age of Mammals   Spring
GEO 302P
UGS 303
Sustaining a Planet   Fall
GEO 303 Introduction to Geology    
GEO 303C Introduction to the Solar System   Fall
GEO 404C Plate Tectonics and Earth History   Spring
GEO 405 Life through Time   Fall
GEO 305E Energy and the Environment    
GEO 306P Geology and Sustainability   Fall
GEO 307 Introduction to Oceanography    
EVS 311 Field Seminar in Sustainability   Spring
GEO 114G Geophysics Colloquium    
GEO 416K Earth Materials   Fall
GEO 416M Sedimentary Rocks   Fall
GEO 316P Sedimentary Rocks – For Non-Majors   Spring


Upper Division

Course # Course Name Course Info Semester
GEO 420F Classic Geology in Scotland    
GEO 420H Honors Introductory Geology    
GEO 420K Introduction to Field and Stratigraphic Methods   Spring
GEO 422K Paleobiology   Fall
GEO 320L Introductory Field Geology Overview
Equipment List
GEO 322S Development and Evolution of Vertebrate Skeletons    
GEO 322V Morphology of the Vertebrate Skeleton    
GEO 325J Programming in FORTRAN and MATLAB   Spring
GEO 325K Computational Methods in Geological Sciences   Fall
GEO 426P Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology   Spring
GEO 327G GIS and GPS Applications in Earth Sciences   Fall
GEO 428 Structural Geology   Fall
GEO 330K Energy Exploration   Spring
EVS 331 Research Methods for the Environmental Sciences   Spring
GEO 331K Petrology and Plate Tectonics    
GEO 335 Geology and Mineral Resources of Texas    
GEO 338T Marine Tectonics   Spring
GEO 339T Continental Tectonics   Fall
GEO 340T Geoclimatology    
EVS 141 Environmental Science Professionalism I   Fall
GEO 341 Mineral Resources, Society and the Environment   Fall
GEO 341G Geomicrobiology    
GEO 344K Marine Mining and Minerals    
GEO 344U Quantitative Seismic Interpretation    
GEO 346C Introduction to Physical and Chemical Hydrology    
GEO 347G Climate Modeling   Fall
GEO 347K Gems and Gem Minerals    
GEO 347P Climate System Physics   Spring
GEO 348K Marine Geology and Geophysics Field Course    
EVS 151 Environmental Science Professionalism II   Spring
GEO 354 Physics of Earth   Spring
GEO 358K Volcanology    
GEO 660 Field Methods   Summer
GEO 661 Geophysics Field Camp   Summer
GEO 465K Seismic Exploration   Fall
GEO 365N Geophysical Data Processing   Spring
GEO 365P Potential Field Applications in Geophysics   Spring
GEO 365Q Geomorphology Process and Form   Spring
GEO 366M Mathematical Methods in Geophysics   Fall
GEO 468K Geophysics for Geological Sciences Majors   Spring
GEO 370K Sedimentology    
GEO 371C Applied Karst Hydrogeology   Spring
GEO 271C Geomorphology/Glaciology Seminar   Fall
GEO 371C Climate Systems Discussion   Spring
GEO 371C Construction and Interpretation of 3-D Stratigraphy   Fall
GEO 371C Ecohydrology   Spring
GEO 371C Field Stratigraphy: Guadalupe Mountains   Spring
GEO 371C Global Biogeochemical Cycles   Fall
GEO 371C Global Warming   Fall
GEO 371C Hydrogeophysics   Fall
GEO 371C Ins and Outs of Subduction Zones   Spring
GEO 371C Marine Geology   Fall
GEO 371C Morphodynamics   Fall
GEO 371C Petroleum Basin Analysis-IBA   Spring
GEO 171H
GEO 271H
GEO 371H
Research Methods    
GEO 376C Isotope Geology   Fall
GEO 376E Environmental Isotope Geochemistry   Spring
GEO 476K Groundwater Hydrology/Physical Hydrogeology   Fall
GEO 376L Field Methods in Groundwater Hydrology   Summer
GEO 476M Chemical Hydrogeology   Spring
GEO 376S Physical Hydrology   Fall
GEO 376T High-Temperature Geochemistry   Spring
GEO 377P Physical Climatology   Fall


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