Financial Support

On average, Jackson School graduate students admitted with support receive some of the best overall packages in the country. In 2023-24, starting salaries for TAs and RAs, as well as fellowship stipends, were $2,815 a month. Fellowships are eligible for the same UT Austin benefits package as any TA or RA. JSG support, in addition to being generous, is guaranteed (subject to requirements) and includes outstanding health benefits. Our students further benefit from living in Austin, a comparatively affordable U.S. city.

Standard offers of admission guarantee support for established durations, subject to satisfactory work performance and progress toward a graduate degree.

Durations of guaranteed institutional support:

  • M.S. Program: 4 semesters (fall and spring).
  • Ph.D. Program: 10 semesters (fall and spring).

Guaranteed support takes the forms of fellowships, teaching assistantships (TAs), and graduate research assistantships (GRAs). Students pursuing the M.A. degree are not eligible for this support.

The Jackson School also provides: