Hall of Distinction

Through its Hall of Distinction, the Jackson School of Geosciences honors individuals with a strong affiliation to the school who have made high-level accomplishments in academia, industry or government. We salute their efforts to positively impact society.

Nominations are reviewed annually by a selection committee composed of the dean of the Jackson School (chairperson), the chairperson of the Advisory Council, and the unit heads of the Department of Geological Sciences, the Bureau of Economic Geology, and the Institute for Geophysics. The deadline to submit a nomination is June 1 of each year. To nominate someone for the Hall of Distinction, contact the Development Office of the Jackson School.


Past Honorees:

Milo Backus (2011)

Virgil E. Barnes (2008)

Laura Thomson Barrow (1972)

Leonidas T. Barrow (1972)

Thomas D. Barrow (1985)

John F. Bookout, Jr. (1985)

Don R. Boyd (1991)

Robert E. Boyer (2001)

J. Ben Carsey, Sr. (1980)

Stephen E. Clabaugh (1980)

Morgan J. Davis (1977)

L. Decker Dawson (2003)

Ronald K. DeFord (2011)

Alva Ellisor (2018)

W. Maurice “Doc” Ewing (2011)

William L. Fisher (2018)

Peter T. Flawn (1993)

Robert L. Folk (2008)

James A. Gibbs (2022)

William E. Gipson (1991)

David “Scotty” Holland (2013)

John A. Jackson (2001)

Katherine A. “Katie” Jackson (2015)

Martin P. A. Jackson (2019)

G. Moses Knebel (2014)

Hedwig T. Kniker (2008)

Lynton Land (2018)

J. Hoover Mackin (2017)

Munib Masri (2015)

Art Maxwell (2012)

John C. Maxwell (2013)

Earle F. McBride (2014)

Leonard F. McCollum (1985)

James R. Moffett (1992)

William R. Muehlberger (2008)

Yosio Nakamura (2013)

Judd H. Oualline (2016)

O. Scott Petty (2016)

Elias Sellards (2012)

Henryk B. Stenzel (2008)

Paul L. Stoffa (2019)

Johan A. Udden (2011)

Joseph C. Walter, Jr. (1985)

Leslie P. White (2019)

Chuck Williamson (2013)

James Lee Wilson (2012)