For K-12 Students

GeoFORCE Texas
Summer program for outstanding South Texas students grades 8-12 to travel, prepare for college, and learn about careers in the geosciences.

Hot Science – Cool Talks
Hot Science – Cool Talks provides front row seats to world class science by bringing leading science, technology, engineering and math professionals and their research to the community!

Earth is Calling
This program seeks to raise awareness of the geosciences as an academic and career choice among rising high school students with an aptitude for science and math.

All About Water
The Bureau of Economic Geology provides resources to assist teachers and students in understanding our essential water resources, including groundwater/surface water interactions and the impact of human activity on water systems.

DIG Texas Instructional Blueprints for Teaching Earth and Space Science (NSF)
The blueprints offer curriculum for an entire yearlong, high school Earth science course. Each is composed of 9 three-week teaching units with links to curated, carefully reviewed lessons and educational resources.

EarthLabs (NSF) for Students
The EarthLabs collection comprises three-week modules composed of a sequence of labs. Students engage active learning in order to increase their understanding of our planet, its climate and natural resources.

Explore UT
Explore UT seeks to broaden the horizons of students in Texas and motivate them toward achieving higher education after high school. It seeks to help parents and teachers encourage the excitement of learning and discovery, and welcomes alumni to reconnect with the institution that prepared them for their careers.

Geologic Wonders of Texas
Explore the amazing geology of Texas without leaving the classroom.

Jamaica Educational Seismic Network (JAESN)
JAESN is part of the IRIS Seismographs in Schools program.

OnRamps Dual-Enrolled Program
OnRamps’ innovative dual-enrollment program brings rigorous courses aligned with the high standards and expectations of The University of Texas at Austin to thousands of students across Texas. Using best-in-class resources, materials, and instructional strategies OnRamps also provides intensive, yearlong professional development and support that improves teaching quality in hundreds of classrooms throughout the state.

Texas High School Coastal Monitoring Program
Engages students and teachers who live along the Texas coast in the study of their natural environment.

The Green Tech Geoscience Project (NSF)
The Green Tech Geoscience Project examines the interplay between field learning, rigorous academic preparation and career development activities in order to establish the template for an effective high school to college bridging program.

Water Exploration (TWDB)
Water Exploration uses a challenge-based learning approach, the Legacy Cycle, to permit students to conduct research and build an understanding about water science and critical water-related issues.

Texas Earth Science Week
Earth Science Week (ESW) is a nationwide program designed to promote understanding and appreciation of the value of Earth Science research and its applications and relevance to our daily lives. It is an annual celebration sponsored by the American Geosciences Institute. In support of ESW, the Bureau of Economic Geology supports statewide ESW efforts and hosts an annual Earth Science Week Career Day in Austin.

Earth is Calling
This program seeks to raise awareness of the geosciences as an academic and career choice among rising high school students with an aptitude for science and math.