Hydrology Minor

The Hydrology Minor provides a selection of courses that will establish an understanding of the water cycle and associated hydrological processes. The courses in this minor emphasize physical and chemical processes that control the movement of water through the Earth system and water quality. Students completing this minor will gain knowledge in the methods hydrologists use to characterize hydrological processes, including environmental monitoring data and aquifer properties.

The Hydrology Minor requires 16 credit hours as follows:

GEO 303 or GEO 401Introduction to Geology / Physical Geology3 or 4
GEO 346C or GEO 416WIntroduction to Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology / Climate, Water, and the Environment3 or 4
GEO 476K (taught Fall only)Groundwater Hydrology4
Two upper-division GEO courses:6 or 7
Geochemical Problem Solving with Atoms and Ions 
Physical Hydrology 
Aqueous Geochemistry 
Applied Karst Hydrogeology 
List of additional upper-division course options available on the JSG website.
Please Note: 
Registration for any of these courses requires that existing prerequisite course requirements are adequately met. 
Petitions to substitute another course to use toward any requirement must be submitted to the JSG Advising Office prior to the start of the semester in question.