GeoFORCE Advisory Committee

The GeoFORCE Advisory Committee meets twice yearly with GeoFORCE staff to go over reports, discuss program direction, and make recommendations.  As representatives of companies that support GeoFORCE, their role is advisory, not oversight.


Current Advisory Committee Members

Corporate Sponsors

Shell Julia Jackson and Angela Penny
Chevron Petros Papazis and Danielle Carpenter
Marathon Erin Roehig and Stanley Stackhouse
SLB April Duerson and Jarrien McCoy
XOM Nysha Chaderton and Tiffany Hedyati
Repsol Izaak Ruiz and Christi Shafer
Oxy Brittany Milsaps, Candice Ortiz, and Bill Raatz
Halliburton Ashira Jones
Woodside Chris Lerch and Jess Yurman
ConocoPhillips Francis Esson
Kosmos Energy Holly Gatton
Valence Energy Bud Scherr


Hamman Foundation


Chuck Caughey
Deb Pfeiffer
Steve Jumper
Steve and Kathy Weiner