Taylor Childers

What degree did you earn from the Jackson School?     
I earned a Bachelor of Science in General Geology.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced working in the industry and what advice, tips, or pointers would you give to someone considering this line of work, and what should they be aware of?
One of the main challenges was first getting employed. Everything also moves very quickly. Also, learning on the fly is tough, there is a fire hose of information coming at you all at once. These challenges helped propel my career and helped me to become prepared.

What motivated you to go into oil and gas?
At first, I was prelaw, but then I took a trip to Big Bend that got me interested in geology. I originated from Midland, but nobody in my family worked in the industry, so before that trip I had no previous inclination to the world of geology.

Which classes or transferable skills did you find useful while in school that proved to be useful in your line of work?
Any type of exploration class that incorporates 3D or 2D seismic interpretation of data was very beneficial to me for my career. Classes that included interpreting software such as Petra or Kingdom also helped me for my projects at Hilcorp. This is currently what I am working with right now at my job at Hilcorp.

What is something you wished you knew back in college you know now?
Looking back, I wish I talked to more professors and used more resources. These are things that will give you advantages while you’re in college and beyond.

How do you achieve a work-life balance in this field?
I find it easy to achieve a work-life balance. I always go into work and it feels like time flies because I always enjoy the work that I do every day when I walk into the office. I never wanted a 9-5 job, and sometimes my job requires extra time each day to accomplish what I need to do, but I always find it enjoyable.

Could you offer some words of wisdom to students graduating this May?
My advice would be to have an honest opinion about what type of work you want to be involved with, and do what you find excites you the most.