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Jackson School Geosciences Externship Program
Winter Break  2018 
January 8-11th 

A BIG thank you to the following participating companies and our awesome Jackson School alumni:
U.S. Geological Survey – Texas Water Science Center  
* Lower Colorado River Authority – LCRA  
Texas Water Development Board – TWDB  
Marathon Oil Corporation  
Roxanna Oil  
* Capitol Energy  
* Premier Oil Field Labs   

Registration deadline December 1, 2017 


Download and complete the registration form. Please deliver to Jennifer Jordan in Career Services, JGB 2.106 A to confirm your registration. Thank you for participating in the program!

Why should students participate in an externship day?

  • Explore career options and evaluate your level of interest in various industries, work environments and career paths.
  • Experience the real life application of your coursework.
  • Begin building a professional network.

* Led by Jackson School Alums. 

Student testimonials from previous externship experiences:

  • I observed geologists teaming up with engineers to reach a goal, and learned that even during a downturn in oil prices, exploration geologists continue their work as usual searching for potential spots to drill in the future. It was comforting to converse with geologists who have experienced these downturns and who are confident that prices will bounce back in the future.
  • “I liked when we got into small groups of two students with an employee on the computer to interact and see how the database is used to research past wells and make maps and analyses to find new prospects. It was a good setting to ask questions and do something employees actually do.”
  • I benefited from hearing what the company looks for in students. It’s good to know that the courses you take, extracurricular activities, and involvement in the university can be just as important as the grades you make.
  • “I really liked being introduced to the office culture. It could have been a very formal, stiff experience, but I felt like they were really candid with us, which I appreciated. What’s the point of attending an externship if you don’t come away with a true impression of the place?”
Roxanna Oil Externship 2015
Roxanna Oil Externship 2017
LCRA Externship 2017