Undergraduate Externship Program

JSG Career Services coordinates the undergraduate externship program for the winter and spring break periods over the fall and spring semesters. The Jackson School just concluded our January 2024 Winter Externship! Big thank you to the companies below for participating!

Roxanna Oil & Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

For students interested in participating in an externship, keep an eye out for our next externship program! Externship spots are often filled on a first come, first served basis. Questions? Contact emma.hardin@jsg.utexas.edu for assistance.

Why should students participate in an externship day?

  • Explore career options and evaluate your level of interest in various industries, work environments and career paths.
  • Experience the real life application of your coursework.
  • Begin building a professional network.
  • Here is a list of Informational Interviewing questions to select from and ask at your visit.

If you are a company and wish to participate: Companies and/or JSG alumni are encouraged to participate to help our current students explore career options in the field of Geosciences. If you would like to host a small or large group of students please either complete the host registration form or send an email to emma.hardin@jsg.utexas.edu or jjordan@jsg.utexas.edu and we will get you started.

If you are new to hosting an externship, you can review sample agendas in this Host Guide.

A BIG thank you to all of our companies and our awesome Jackson School Alumni for their past participation:

Student testimonials from previous externship experiences

  • I observed geologists teaming up with engineers to reach a goal, and learned that even during a downturn in oil prices, exploration geologists continue their work as usual searching for potential spots to drill in the future. It was comforting to converse with geologists who have experienced these downturns and who are confident that prices will bounce back in the future.
  • “I liked when we got into small groups of two students with an employee on the computer to interact and see how the database is used to research past wells and make maps and analyses to find new prospects. It was a good setting to ask questions and do something employees actually do.”
  • I benefited from hearing what the company looks for in students. It’s good to know that the courses you take, extracurricular activities, and involvement in the university can be just as important as the grades you make.
  • “I really liked being introduced to the office culture. It could have been a very formal, stiff experience, but I felt like they were really candid with us, which I appreciated. What’s the point of attending an externship if you don’t come away with a true impression of the place?”


Roxanna Oil Externship 2017
LCRA Externship 2017


Roxanna Oil Externship 2015

FAQ’s about the Externship Program

Who can host an externship?

Alumni and friends of the Jackson School, as well as companies looking to build their brand on-campus.

Who are the externs?

Undergraduate students at the Jackson School of Geosciences. Students majoring in Geology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Environmental Science and Geosystems Engineering & Hydrogeology are eligible.

How is this different than an internship?

Students do not receive academic credit or pay for an externship. An externship only lasts one day, whereas an internship generally lasts several months. The primary objective of the externship program is to assist students with career exploration. An externship allows a student to learn about the daily activities of a working geoscientist. This exposure can help students confirm their career interests, learn about a new field, or discover if a career path isn’t the right fit.

How is transportation and housing arranged?

The student is responsible for transportation to and from the host site. Most students will register for a site in their hometown, since the externships take place during academic breaks. Please provide parking instructions to the Geosciences Career Center before the externship.

What should I plan for the student(s)?

It is ultimately up to you what to plan for the student(s), although the Geosciences Career Center can provide direction. The students do not need to shadow one person for the entire day. You can arrange for them to meet with various people at the company in order to get a broader perspective on the organization. Students will also submit questions and areas of interest when they register, which will be sent to the host in advance of the externship.

How long should the externship last?

The length of the externship depends on the activities planned. The externship should last between a half and full day.

How do I sign up?

We are currently recruiting hosts for winter and spring break externships, Please contact Jennifer Jordan at jjordan@jsg.utexas.edu

Who can I contact with questions?

Jennifer L. Jordan                                       Emma Hardin
Career Services Director                            Student Services Administrative Assistant
Jackson School of Geosciences                 Jackson School of Geosciences
jjordan@jsg.utexas.edu                              emma.hardin@jsg.utexas.edu 
(512) 232-0893                                            (512) 232-4545