David C Bolton

Research Assistant Professor, Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences

Office: BEG

My research interests lie at the intersection of experimental rock mechanics and observational seismology. In general, I’m interested in unraveling the physical processes that modulate changes in seismicity during the pre-, co-, and post-seismic stages of the seismic cycle. I’m also interested in developing scaling relationships, that enable laboratory measurements of fault zone processes and seismic activity to be scaled up to tectonic fault zones. As an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, I will integrate laboratory experiments with seismic data from the Apennine fault system in Italy to quantify spatiotemporal properties of foreshock sequences. A key element of this work is to address whether or not foreshock properties scale with the size of the impending main-shock.

Research interests include:
-Fault mechanics
-Rock Deformation
-Ultrasonic monitoring
-Foreshock properties
-Earthquake scaling laws

Areas of Expertise

Earthquakes,Fault Mechanics, Rock Deformation, Ultrasonic Monitoring