Jacob A Covault

Jacob A Covault
Research Professor, Jackson School of Geosciences

Email: jake.covault@beg.utexas.edu
Work: +1 512 475 9506
Office: JGB
Mailcode: E0630

Dr. Jacob Covault is a Research Scientist and leader of the Quantitative Clastics Laboratory (QCL) at the Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences. His expertise is the sedimentology and stratigraphy of deep-water depositional systems, and source-to-sink sediment dispersal. Jacob aims to address key challenges in the exploration and development of natural resources, namely reservoir presence and quality prediction in frontier basins, and reservoir connectivity and heterogeneity. Prior to his present position at the QCL, Jacob was a senior research scientist at Chevron Energy Technology Company, and served the Department of the Interior at the U.S. Geological Survey. He received Ph.D. and B.S. degrees in Geological and Environmental Sciences at Stanford University. Jacob has published peer-reviewed research papers and scientific conference abstracts pertaining to petroleum geology, reservoir characterization, sedimentology, stratigraphy, basin analysis, Earth surface processes, and marine geology.

Areas of Expertise

sedimentology, stratigraphy, marine geology

2022Spring GEO 391 Machine Learning Applicatns
2018Spring GEO 371T Sediment Grav-Flow Dep Sys
2018Spring GEO 391 Sediment Grav-Flow Dep Sys