Timothy A Goudge

Timothy A Goudge
Assistant Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences

Email: tgoudge@jsg.utexas.edu
Work: +1 512 471 4770
Office: EPS 3.134
Mailcode: C9000

Tim is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at UT Austin. He received his BSc from Queen's University, and his ScM and PhD from Brown University.

Broadly, Tim's scientific interests center on the role of surface processes in controlling the evolution of planetary landscapes. His research focuses on the use of remote sensing data (e.g., images, topography, imaging spectroscopy) to study the signature of surface processes recorded in the topography, mineralogy, and sedimentary rock record of Mars, Earth, and other planetary bodies.

For more information on Tim's research, visit the UT Planetary Surface Processes Group website.

Areas of Expertise

Remote sensing; surface processes; geomorphology; sedimentology; reflectance spectroscopy; martian surface geology; planetary science.

Ronald Greeley Early Career Award in Planetary Sciences - American Geophysical Union (2021)

CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar - CIFAR (2021 - 2022)

Geosphere Exceptional Reviewer - GeoScience World (2020)

G. Moses and Carolyn G. Knebel Distinguished Teaching Award - Jackson School of Geosciences (2019)


Tian Y Dong
As a geomorphologist, my research uses theories of sediment transport and fluid flow, alongside field and remotely sensed observations, and numerical models, to evaluate the dynamics of modern deposition systems, such as river deltas, and the associated development of sedimentary records.

Gaia Stucky de Quay, 2019 - 2021, Department of Geosciences, UT Austin
Left UT Austin for a second post doc position: postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University.

Graduate Students

Mariel D Nelson , Ph.D., expected 2025 (Co-supervisor)
Hi! I'm a geomorphologist and second-year PhD student in the Department of Geological Sciences. I'm co-advised by David Mohrig (geomorphology) and Tim Goudge (remote sensing). I study the shape of landscapes and seek mathematical and process-based descriptions of how they change over time. For my graduate research I conduct repeat topographic surveys of river banks using uncrewed aerial vehicles (little drones)...

Michelle Tebolt , Ph.D., expected 2024 (Supervisor)

Sophie A Goliber , Ph.D., expected 2022 (Committee Member)
Sophie Goliber has been a Geological Sciences PhD student at UTIG since August 2017. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Buffalo where she got into remote sensing and glaciology research. Her fascination with the cryosphere drew her to UTIG and working with Ginny Catania who shared her interests in using remote sensing methods and optical remote sensing...

Emily Bamber (Supervisor)
I am a PhD student in the Planetary Surface Processes lab [link:http://www.jsg.utexas.edu/goudge/][/link] My current research addresses the past hydrological evolution of impact crater lakes on Earth, Mars and elsewhere with fieldwork, satellite observations and modelling.

Nicole Guinn, M.S., 2020 (Committee Member)
University of Texas at Austin

2020Fall GEO 416M Sedimentary Rocks-Wb
2020Spring GEO 471T Intro Remote Sensing Geosci
2020Spring GEO 491 Intro Remote Sensing Geosci
2019Spring GEO 471T Intro Remote Sensing Geosci
2019Spring GEO 491 Intro Remote Sensing Geosci