Toti E Larson

Toti E Larson
Research Associate, Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences

Work: +1 512 471 1856
Office: BEG
Mailcode: E0600

Dr. Toti Larson studies the chemostratigraphy of sedimentary rocks and the geochemistry of subsurface fluids. His work includes measurement of stable isotopes of organics and carbonates from mudrock and carbonate systems, carbon dioxide and fluids from carbon capture projects, natural gas from unconventional shale systems, and dissolved gases from a wide range of subsurface settings. His recent research is the development of a coupled carbon-phosphate-trace element numerical model to interpret oceanic anoxic events observed in mud rock systems.

Graduate Students

Kiran Sathaye , Ph.D., expected 2016 (Committee Member)
I am a PhD candidate studying the Bravo Dome carbon dioxide reservoir near the Texas-Oklahoma-New Mexico border. My work involves incorporation of stable and radioactive isotope geochemistry, reservoir engineering and multiphase flow, and petrophysics and geostatistics. I am interested in incorporation of data and models from these varying disciplines to better understand subsurface fluid flow.

Marlo R Gawey , M.S., expected 2012 (Supervisor)

Michael E Patson (Co-supervisor)

Daria Akhbari (Committee Member)

2016Spring GEO 371T Geoch Prob Solv With Ion/Atom
2016Spring GEO 391 Geoch Prob Solv With Ion/Atom