Alejandro Cardona Ramirez

Alejandro  Cardona Ramirez
Research Associate, Institute for Geophysics, Jackson School of Geosciences

Office: ROC
Mailcode: C9000

My research focuses on the mechanics and physics of geological materials. The central theme of my work is energy - from developing carbon-low alternatives (e.g., hydrates & geothermal) to minimizing the impact of carbon-based resources (e.g., CO2 sequestration). My research is experimentally-driven, complemented with numerical analyses and field data.

Areas of Expertise

A well-rounded energy transition requires fundamental and applied research that addresses geomechanical and petrophysical behavior of geological porous materials. My current research has explored rocks and sediments (i) under extreme conditions (high pressure and stresses), (ii) saturated and interacting with complex fluids (hydrates), and (iii) subjected to localizations of all kinds (fractures).

Current Research Programs & Projects

The Genesis of Methane Hydrate in Coarse-Grained Systems: Northern Gulf of Mexico Slope (GOM^2) ( view )

Director's Circle of Excellence Award - UT Institute for Geophysics (2024)

Convener, Session on Gas hydrates in Earth's subsurface, AGU (2024)

Co-Convener, Session on Gas hydrates in Earth's subsurface, AGU (2023)

Committee Member, UTIG Code of Conduct, (2022 - Present)