Shuvajit Bhattacharya

Research Scientist, Jackson School of Geosciences

Office: PIC KLE

I am a geoscientist with several years of research experience in petrophysics, formation evaluation, 3D seismic interpretation, seismic attributes, machine learning, and integrated subsurface characterization. I am primarily interested in extracting and integrating fundamental rock matrix and fluid properties across multiple scales of resolution (core, well log, and seismic). I integrate diverse quantitative tools to solve problems in energy resources exploration, carbon sequestration, geothermal energy, and hydrogen storage. Prior to joining BEG UT, I worked with the University of Alaska Anchorage, Battelle, and other organizations in different roles. I have taught, mentored, and graduated students, many of whom are employed in the state/federal agencies/industry. I have worked with diverse groups in diverse geologic settings (over 15 sedimentary basins in five continents).

Areas of Expertise

Petrophysics, Formation Evaluation, Quantitative Seismic Interpretation, Machine Learning, Integrated Subsurface Characterization, Carbon Sequestration

Research Locations