Ashley M Matheny

Ashley M Matheny
Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences

Office: EPS 3.162
Mailcode: C1100

Dr. Matheny is an ecohydrologist whose research focuses on understanding and simulating the ways vegetation influences the movement of water between the soil and the atmosphere. She uses wide variety of field measurements and numerical modeling strategies to answer questions regarding the ways disturbances such as drought and salinity influence vegetation-climate feedbacks in terms of both water and carbon use.

Dr. Matheny encourages students of all levels who are interested in joining her research group to contact her directly. (

Areas of Expertise

Ecohydrology, Bio- and Micro-meteorology, Vegetation Hydrodynamics, Watershed Hydrology, Land-Atmosphere Interactions, Biogeochemistry, Water and Carbon Cycles, and Modeling

Research Locations

Current Research Programs & Projects

Transpiration in response to forest disturbance

Including tree water storage dynamics in modeling of stomatal conductance

Asynchronous and diverging boreal forest hydrodynamics

Understanding the Importance of Biomass Hydraulic Capacitance for Transpiration (NSF CAREER)

Exploring halophyte hydrodynamics and the role of vegetation traits on ecosystem response to disturbance at the terrestrial-aquatic interface

Select Past Research

Seasonal patterns of water vapor cycling in a deep mountain valley

Outstanding Early Career Award - American Meteorological Society (2022)

Early CAREER grant - National Science Foundation (2021)

G. Moses and Carolyn G. Knebel Distinguished Teaching Award - Jackson School of Geosciences (2020)

University of Texas Rising STARs Faculty Award - University of Texas at Austin (2017)

Professor of the Month - National Residence Hall Honorary (2016)

2nd Place Oral Presentation - 32nd Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (2016)

Presidential Fellowship - Ohio State University (2015 - 2016)

Marian P. and David M. Gates Student Research Fellowship - University of Michigan (2015)

Scholar Award - P.E.O. International (2015 - 2016)

Ohio Scholarship - P.E.O. International (2015 - 2016)

Outstanding Student Paper Award - American Geophysical Union (2014)

Keith W. Bedford Travel Grant - Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering, Ohio State University (2014)

Marian P. and David M. Gates Student Research Fellowship - University of Michigan (2014)

Distinguished Graduate Student - Women in Engineering, Ohio State University (2011)

University Fellowship - Ohio State University (2010 - 2011)

Graduate Students

Caleb E Adams (Supervisor)

Ana Maria Restrepo Acevedo, Ph.D., 2023 (Supervisor)
Jackson School of Geosciences

Lillian Beaman, M.S., 2022 (Supervisor)
Jackson School of Geosciences

Lingcheng Li, Ph.D., 2020 (Co-supervisor)

2023Fall GEO 382S Physical Hydrology
2023Fall GEO 376S Physical Hydrology
2023Spring GEO 390E Ecohydrology/Biometeorology
2023Spring GEO 370E Ecohydrology/Biometeorology
2022Fall GEO 382S Physical Hydrology
2022Fall GEO 376S Physical Hydrology
2022Spring GEO 390E Ecohydrology/Biometeorology
2022Spring GEO 370E Ecohydrology/Biometeorology
2021Fall GEO 346C Intro Physcl/Chem Hydrogeology
2021Summer GEO f382C Groundwater Field Methods-Nm
2021Summer GEO f376L Field Meths Groundwtr Hydrl-Nm
2021Spring GEO 391 Ecohydrology/Biometeorology-Wb
2021Spring GEO 370E Ecohydrology/Biometeorology-Wb
2020Fall GEO 346C Intro Phys/Chm Hydrogeology-Wb
2020Spring GEO 391 Ecohydrology/Biometeorology
2020Spring GEO 370E Ecohydrology/Biometeorology
2019Fall GEO 382S Physical Hydrology
2019Fall GEO 376S Physical Hydrology
2019Summer GEO f382C Groundwater Field Methods-Nm
2019Summer GEO f376L Field Meths Groundwtr Hydrl-Nm
2019Spring GEO 391 Ecohydrology/Biometeorology
2019Spring GEO 371T Ecohydrology/Biometeorology
2018Fall GEO 382S Physical Hydrology
2018Fall GEO 376S Physical Hydrology
2018Summer GEO f382C Groundwater Field Methods-Nm
2018Summer GEO f376L Field Meths Groundwtr Hydrl-Nm
2018Spring GEO 371T Ecohydrology/Biometeorology
2018Spring GEO 391 Ecohydrology/Biometeorology