Kenneth S Befus

Kenneth S Befus
Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences

Office: JGB
Mailcode: C1160

My group and I use synchrotron, spectroscopic, and experimental techniques to interpret the crystal record preserved in igneous, metamorphic, and mantle rocks. I oversee the departmental Spectroscopy and Imaging Lab, which is home to many analytical instruments. I'm also the curator for the Jackson School's gem and mineral collections.

Areas of Expertise

Volcanology, igneous petrology, mineralogy, gemology

Graduate Students

Sarah Brooker , Ph.D., expected 2026 (Committee Member)
I am a second-year Ph.D. student in the stable isotope group at UT Austin. My primary research interests are using stable isotope systems, both traditional and non-traditional, to understand high-temperature fluid-rock reactions in igneous systems.

2024Spring GEO 302Q Gems And Gem Minerals
2024Spring GEO 660A Field Geology