Dr. Mohrig's research group focuses on the application of sedimentary deposits and transport processes to unraveling the evolutions of terrestrial and submarine landscapes. They study the behavior of topography generated at the interface between a granular material and a moving fluid from very short to very long time and space scales, with particular emphasis on processes controlling channel formation, both on land and in the deep ocean. Research methods used by his group include carefully designed laboratory and natural experiments on sediment-transporting flows, field studies of modern and ancient sediment-dispersal systems, theoretical modeling of evolving granular-bed topography, and the remote sensing of subsurface sedimentary deposits using seismic data.

For additional information on the Mohrig Research Group please visit: http://www.jsg.utexas.edu/mohrig/

Dr. Mohrig would like to acknowledge IHS Global Inc., http://www.ihs.com/ , and their Kingdom Software Educational Grant Program for making available the software used in GEO371C and GEO380G, Construction and Interpretations of 3D Stratigraphy.

Areas of Expertise

Sedimentary Geology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Geomorphology, Rivers, Deltas, Coastlines, Submarine Channels, Geohazards, Sediment-Gravity Currents, Sediment Transport, Seismic Interpretation, Basin Analysis


Mauricio M Perillo
Dr. Perillo's research interests are in the broad topic of Process Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (ProceSS). ProceSS is frame under the Sedimentological Fluid Dynamic (SFD) ''trinity'' (Perillo et al, In Preparation). First introduced by Leeder (1983) as the Geological Fluid Dynamic ''trinity''; the term express all the processes linking flow, sediment transport and bedform development. Fluid, Sediment transport and Bed Morphology, in a way, summarizes spacial and temporal changes in flow conditions, sediment characteristics, sediment transport, linear and non-linear mechanisms, large and small-scale changes in bed topography, between others processes.

R. Wayne Wagner
Environmental fluid mechanics, thermal dynamics in natural estuarine systems

Graduate Students

Jasmine Mason, Ph.D., expected 2018 (Supervisor)
fluvial geomorphology, sediment transport, coastal rivers, deltas

Sarah C Brothers, Ph.D., expected 2016 (Committee Member)

Anthony McGlown, M.S., expected 2015 (Supervisor)

Kelsi R Ustipak, M.S., expected 2015 (Supervisor)
Clastic sedimentology, deepwater depositional systems, turbidites, transitional flow deposits, siliciclastic petrology, experimental sedimentology, energy resources, karst hydrogeology

Benjamin T Cardenas, M.S., expected 2014 (Supervisor)
sedimentary geology, Mars

Yao You, Ph.D., expected 2013 (Co-supervisor)
I am interested in studying the coupling of geomechanics and geomorphology.

John B Shaw, Ph.D., expected 2013 (Supervisor)

Katie Delbecq, M.S., expected 2013 (Supervisor)
Katie's research focuses on physical modeling of tsunami flows and sediment deposits, with interests in paleotsunami field studies and flow reconstruction of ancient tsunamis, storm surge, and floods from preserved deposit characteristics.