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The Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas at Austin is among the most established and well regarded geoscience programs in the world. The school includes one of the country's oldest geoscience departments and two world-renowned research units:

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The Jackson School of Geosciences is one of the largest, and most prestigious geosciences programs in the world. We lead the way in geosciences education and research, and have strong ties to a global research network and industry partners.

What We Offer

We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees that combine rigorous classes, fieldwork experience, and opportunities to conduct research with award-winning faculty and research scientists. Our focus on "real world" experience helps prepare students for successful careers where they can create, innovate and lead.

The Core to the Cosmos

The Jackson School's research spans from the core to the cosmos, with our faculty and research scientists conducting work across Texas, the Earth, and our planetary neighbors to investigate fundamental questions about how planets work, and how to apply knowledge for the benefit of humankind.

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It was something that didn’t truly hit me until being out in the field, despite digesting the literature all throughout the spring.- Travis Clow, M.S. Student on field trip to Newfoundland