Winners of Spring 2024 Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Awards

Winners of the Graduate Teaching Assistant award stand with Assistant Professor of Practice Mary Poteet. From left to right: Madison Preece, Nick Regier, Poteet, Ebony Williams, and Sage Turek. Photo by the Jackson School

Dozens of undergraduate students, graduate students, professors and staff members of the Jackson School’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences were recognized on Tuesday, April 23 for their exceptional work and achievements over the course of the semester.

Winners were awarded based on nominations from students and/or peers. The Best Graduate Paper award was decided by a committee, based on peer nominations of recently published work. The Petrography Contest winners were decided based on their ability to correctly describe and classify rocks in a timed test. Congratulations to the nominees and winners of each category!

Estwing Hammer Award

First Place: Vanessa Weber

Runner up: Susan Cook

EPS Staff Excellence Award

Jennifer Raymond

EPS Staff Service Awards

10 Years of Service: Ned Vizy, Brian Zavala, David Edy

20 Years of Service: Yi Jin Shi, Desmond Patterson, Staci Loewy

Graduate Student Executive Committee Student Service Award

Carson Miller

Jackson School of Geosciences Best Graduate Paper

First Place: Paul Morris, “Fluvial-style migration controls autogenic aggradation in submarine channels: Joshua Channel, eastern Gulf of Mexico.” Geological Society, London, Special Publications

Runners Up: Russell Miller, Landon Lockhart, Qiqi Wang

Groundwater Field Methods Award: Undergraduate

Xander Kelly

Summer Montoya

Groundwater Field Methods Award: Graduate

Berit Hudson Rasmussen

Knebel Teaching Award: Intro Course

Matt Malkowski and Kyle Spikes, GEO 416S: Earth and Planetary Processes Through Time

Knebel Teaching Award: Undergraduate Upper Division

Rowan Martindale, GEO 405: Life Through Time

Knebel Teaching Award: Graduate

Danny Stockli, GEO 338T/339T: Marine / Coastal Tectonics

Knebel Teaching Award: Teaching Innovation

Geeta Persad, GEO 387P: Climate System Physics

Knebel Teaching Award: Field/Experiential Education

Bayani Cardenas, GEO 376L: Field Methods in Hydrology

Petrography Contest, Graduate Students

First Place: Claudiu Nistor

Second Place: Izzy Muller

Third Place: Quinn Johnson

Petrography Contest, Undergraduate Students

First Place: Angelica Reyes

Second Place: Collin Hoffman

Third Place: Sawyer Parker

Masters Friday Best Speaker

First Place: Nick Regier, “Paleozoic Basin Evolution during Tectonic and Climatic Transitions in the Eastern Precordillera of Argentina”

Second Place: Daphne Smith, “The Impact of Drought on Root-Zone Water Storage Dynamics in Fractured Carbonate Bedrock of the Edwards Plateau”

Best PhD Talk: Fall 2022

Naoma McCall

Best PhD Talk: Spring 2023

Rodrigo Correa

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant: Fall

Sage Turek

Madison Preece

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant: Spring

Nick Regier

Ebony Williams

Winners of the undergraduate Petrography Contest stand between Assistant Professors Matt Malkowski and Chenguang Sun. From left to right: Malkowski, Sawyer Parker, Collin Hoffman, Angelica Reyes, and Sun. Photo by the Jackson School