The Geoscientist Spring 2023



Dean's Welcome

Claudia Mora
Claudia Mora

Welcome to The Geoscientist!

From building resilience to climate change impacts and natural hazards, to finding ways to sustainably meet global resource and energy demands, understanding and applying geosciences is critical to resolving society’s greatest challenges.

Here at The University of Texas at Austin Jackson School of Geosciences, we know how important geosciences are to the world. But the breadth of geosciences is so extensive, and our work so complexly intertwined with other disciplines, that it is not widely understood by the public or by many students entering universities across the country. We need to share our stories to increase understanding and support, and to attract the next generation of geoscientists. As we are fond of saying at the Jackson School, “the world needs geoscientists!”

We launched The Geoscientist to highlight some of the important science at the Jackson School, to explain its relevance, and to paint a picture of the talented individuals doing this work. If you are a geoscientist, you may find our stories of professional interest. If you are new to geosciences, or are a member of the curious public, you may be surprised by the range and importance of our work. If you are a student wanting to help solve global challenges, you may see yourself in the next generation of geoscientists!

Geoscientists are helping cities and communities manage and protect critical water supplies in the face of climate change. They are leading the effort towards a carbon-neutral energy economy, keenly aware of the need to expand our critical resource base and reduce carbon emissions while meeting the growing demand for energy and energy equity that a healthy global society requires. And they are working to better predict and prepare our cities for natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.

It is an exciting time to be a geoscientist! If you’re interested in learning more about the geosciences and what the Jackson School may have to offer you as a collaborator, student, or curious person, we welcome your interest and look forward to talking with you!

Happy reading!

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Claudia Mora, Dean