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As part of its strategic plan, since 2007 the Jackson School of Geosciences has hired a substantial number of new scientists, including more than 27 new faculty, a mix of established leaders and promising young scientists. The influx represents an increase of more than 75 percent in the size of the faculty, adding new expertise, breadth, and depth to what was already one of the largest and best known geoscience programs in the world. In addition to the faculty hires over this period, the school has experienced dramatic expansions in the research funding and employment opportunities at its major research units, the Bureau of Economic Geology and the Institute for Geophysics, while enlarging its interdisciplinary graduate program, Energy & Earth Resources. The school continues to pursue new hires, including targeted faculty in the main areas of its strategic plan and postdoctoral researchers.

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  • See UT Austin Job Search for all current positions at the Bureau of Economic Geology, Institute for Geophysics, and other units affiliated with the Jackson School.

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