High T Fluid-Rock Interactions


Jaime D Barnes

Jaime D Barnes

Stable isotope geochemistry, metamorphism and volatile transport in subduction zones, fluid-rock interaction and metasomatism, geochemical cycling, stable chlorine isotopes
James E Gardner

James E Gardner

Volcanology, volcanic eruption processes, magmatic processes, experimental petrology, volatiles in magmas, degassing of volatiles from magmas, control of degassing behavior on volcanic eruptions and formation of ore bodies
Danny  Stockli

Danny Stockli

Thermo-/Geochronology, Tectonics and Structural Geology, Isotopic Provenance Analysis, Archeometry, Geothermal Exploration, and Thermal Maturation
Chenguang  Sun

Chenguang Sun

Deep volatile cycling; magmatic and metamorphic processes; planetary differentiation and habitability


Sharon  Mosher

Sharon Mosher

Structural petrology, field-oriented structural geology, the evolution of complexly deformed terranes, strain analysis, deformation mechanisms, the interaction between chemical and physical processes during deformation
Douglas  Smith

Douglas Smith

Research on mantle evolution using tools of mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry.


Srisharan  Shreedharan

Srisharan Shreedharan

Research Scientists

Andras  Fall

Andras Fall

Fluids in diagenetic and hydrothermal systems, Fluid inclusions, Fractures, Structural diagenesis

Research Staff

Richard J Chuchla

Richard J Chuchla

Graduate studies were focused on igneous processes, magmatism and related formation of ore deposits. Professional career included exploration for base and precious metal ore deposits, coal assessment and development, and research, exploration and development in the upstream sector of the oil and gas business. Managerial positions led to development of ...