Glacier & Ice Sheet Dynamics


Ginny Catania

Ginny Catania

Ice sheet mass balance, ice dynamics, subglacial hydrology, ice sheet stratigraphy, radar, GPS methods, uncertainty in ice sheet response to climate, satellite observations, remote-sensing observations, outlet glaciers, Greenland, glaciology, Antarctica, sea level, ice-ocean interactions. UT Cryosphere.
Patrick  Heimbach

Patrick Heimbach

Heimbach's research group (Computational Research in Ice and Ocean Systems -- (CRIOS)), in the Oden Institute is engaged in a number of projects, with main funding from NASA, NSF, and ONR. (1)
Luc L Lavier

Luc L Lavier

Tectonics; the structural and geodynamical evolution of continental and oceanic rifts, as well as collisional environments; numerical techniques to model tectonic processes on crustal and lithospheric scales; deformation; subduction


Enze  Zhang

Enze Zhang

Glacier dynamics, ice-ocean interaction, remote sensing, deep learning

Research Scientists

Eric  Attias

Eric Attias

Marine electromagnetic imaging to study dynamic Earth processes associated with marine geohazards and resources. Research Interests: (1) The interplay between mantle plumes, submarine freshwater, and marine biodiversity in volcanic systems. (2) Hot-spot mantle plume geodynamics and submarine volcanism. (3) Slab rollback-driven toroidal and poloidal mantle flows at back-arc subduction zones and their role ...

Cyril Grima

Duncan A Young

Duncan A Young

Polar remote sensing (especially areogeophysics), glaciology and geoscience. Member of the Europa Clipper project science group, a mission to Jupiters ocean world Europa. Lead for the Europa Clipper's radar instrument's (REASON) Science Data System and science requirements validation and verification. Ice-rock physical interactions in an ice ...