JSG Coronavirus Updates

Zoom Meetings For Staff

See below if you will need to join/create online meetings.

Zoom (on line meetings) is now a centrally supported video conferencing solution available to university faculty, staff, and students.

  • The account supports up to 300 participants in a meeting and is available 24 hrs. a day.
  • Other users don’t need to have a zoom app or EID to participate in a meeting.
  • You log in to Zoom with your EID
  • Meetings can be recorded…etc.
  • Zoom is also available in the Google Store and Apple store for your phone.

If interested login into Zoom with your eid (see pdf).

The below link also lets you log in to your UT Zoom account without installing the  Zoom app.

More useful information on setting up Zoom

If you need any help with this let us know. We also have paid support directly from Zoom.