Joshua Malone

Joshua Malone
B.A., Geology, Augustana College, 2020
B.A., Geography, Augustana College, 2020
M.S., Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin, 2022
Ph.D., Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin, expected 2026


I am a field-based sedimentologist and geochronologist who uses sedimentary basin records to understand drivers and consequences of changes in tectonism and climate along convergent margins. My PhD research focuses on the key processes controlling unconventional reservoir development within mixed carbonate and siliciclastic systems in southern California.

Current Research Projects

Pennsylvanian and early Permian outcrops of the Keeler/Darwin Basin, east-central California: Analogs for deepwater Permian Basin stratigraphy

Past Research Projects

Jurassic dinosaurs on the move: Gastrolith provenance and long?distance migration

Sediment provenance and stratigraphic correlations of the Paleogene White River Group in the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

Detrital zircon provenance of Paleozoic strata in the Falkland/Malvinas Islands: Implications for paleogeography and Gondwanan reconstructions

University of Texas Endowed Presidential Scholarship - University of Texas at Austin (2022)

GSA Student Research Grant - Outstanding Application Recipient - Geological Society of America (2022)

Graduate with Distinction - Augustana College (2020)

Joseph M. Hoare Prestigious Merit Scholarship in Geology - Augustana College (2020)

Senior Research Award - Augustana College (2020)

SGD/SEPM Student Poster Winner - 2018 GSA Annual Meeting - Augustana College (2018)