Honors Program Field Trip – 2 Chile – South America

Julie at Valle de la Luna
Julie at Valle de la Luna
During Spring Break of 2008, the Jackson School honors research group were privileged to experience the beauty and extraordinarily exposed geology of the Atacamanian Desert in northern Chile. Led by Drs. Phil Bennett, Mark Helper and Randy Marrett, the many faces and relationships of the Atacama region were connected through study of the El Tatio geyser fields, the Salar de Atacama, the Cordillera de la Sal, the La Pacana Caldera Complex. Each student contributed with brief write-ups and presentations covering specific subjects pertaining to the region including ore deposits, stratovolcanoes, decollements and volcanic arcs. These more detailed studies involved the students in teaching and understanding the vast scientific relationships ultimately tied to plate tectonics.
(note: All photos labeled with MH
are by Dr. Mark Helper)
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