Graduate Academic Employment

Minimum Enrollment Requirements

Students employed in a student position must meet the minimum enrollment requirements linked here.

Conditions for Student Employment

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The Jackson School of Geosciences limits students serving as a Teaching Assistant to 20 hours of employment. This means that TAs are not eligible to pick up additional jobs beyond their TA position.

This condition is in addition to those enforced by the Graduate School and Texas Global.

Employment Eligibility Verification

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Students employed in an hourly position will be required to submit employment eligibility verification via the Form I-9 within 3 business days of hire. A list of acceptable documents for the Form I-9 can be found here.  

Employment Dates

Graduate academic employment is offered on a semesterly basis with long semester dates as follows:

Fall September 1 – January 15

January 16 – May 31


Summer dates can vary but most commonly we use the following:

Summer June 1 – August 31

June 1 – July 15


Tuition Support

Students appointed to a 20-hour academic (TA, GRA, AI) assignment for the duration of the semester will receive tuition support.  This provided by a Tuition Reduction Benefit (TRB), Tuition Waiver (if needed), and departmental payments (if needed).


Students employed in a graduate academic position become benefits eligible when they receive a 20-hour assignment.

Academic Graduate Student Employee Insurance Options

Pro-Tip: Double check insurance coverage at the on-set of each employment period as outlined above in employment dates!  


Calendar Icon 01  [Montly Payroll Calendar]

Graduate academic student employees are paid monthly (once a month) at a rate based on your highest degree received.

Note: Your first paycheck will be paid following your first month of employment.

Pro-Tip: Via the website linked above, you can download payroll days and deadlines to Outlook!