Mantle Dynamics & Evolution


Thorsten  Becker

Thorsten Becker

mantle convection; plate tectonics; structural seismology; numerical modeling; earthquakes; fluid dynamics
John C Lassiter

John C Lassiter

Earth's origin and evolution, isotope and trace element geochemistry, the role of crust and lithospheric mantle recycling in the generation of mantle chemical heterogeneity, the origin and distribution of water and other volatile elements in the Earth's interior, and the thermal and chemical evolution of the Earth's core and core/...
Luc L Lavier

Luc L Lavier

Tectonics; the structural and geodynamical evolution of continental and oceanic rifts, as well as collisional environments; numerical techniques to model tectonic processes on crustal and lithospheric scales; deformation; subduction
Jung-Fu  Lin

Jung-Fu Lin

Mineral physics, physics and chemistry of planetary materials, solid-Earth geophysics and geochemistry, high-pressure diamond anvil cell, X-ray and laser spectroscopy
Chenguang  Sun

Chenguang Sun

Deep volatile cycling; magmatic and metamorphic processes; planetary differentiation and habitability

Affiliated Faculty

Claudio  Faccenna

Claudio Faccenna

Topics: subduction tectonic and morphological evolution of convergent margin, evolution of orogenic belt and exhumation of deep metamorphic rocks, dynamic topography, trench migration and back-arc deformation, mantle convection, volcanism and fluid circulation in the crust. Tools: Structural geology and geomorphology, experimental / numerical geodynamic modelling, paleomagnetism, seismic lines interpretation. Field sites: ...


Stephen P Grand

Stephen P Grand

Seismic imaging of Earth's mantle, tomography, dynamics of flow in the mantle, regional seismic studies
Douglas  Smith

Douglas Smith

Research on mantle evolution using tools of mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry.


Chuanming  Liu

Chuanming Liu

Research Scientists

Eric  Attias

Eric Attias

Marine electromagnetic imaging to study dynamic Earth processes associated with marine geohazards and resources. Research Interests: (1) The interplay between mantle plumes, submarine freshwater, and marine biodiversity in volcanic systems. (2) Hot-spot mantle plume geodynamics and submarine volcanism. (3) Slab rollback-driven toroidal and poloidal mantle flows at back-arc subduction zones and their role ...
Krista M Soderlund

Krista M Soderlund

Astrobiology, Cryosphere, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Magnetohydrodynamics, Planetary Science
Harm J Van Avendonk

Harm J Van Avendonk

Van Avendonk is an active-source seismologist who specializes in the acquisition and inversion of seismic refraction data on land and at sea. Often these seismic refraction data are used for a tomographic inversion. The resultant seismic velocity models help us to interpret the composition of the Earth’s crust and ...

Research Staff

Lijing  Yao

Lijing Yao