Current research addresses fundamental and applied aspects of geothermal energy resources. Projects investigate controls on formation permeability, fracture evolution, heat flow, and the prospects for developing commercial scale geothermal energy from deep sedimentary basins. Projects on the structural and tectonic evolution of geothermal systems combine novel thermochronometric and geochemical tools. Collaborative projects investigate the utility of using supercritical carbon dioxide as a heat extracting fluid from deep lower permeability sedimentary formations or hot dry rock environments.

Faculty & Research Scientists

Suzanne A PierceSuzanne A Pierce
Integrated Water Resources Management Decision Support Systems Sustainability Science Energy-Water Groundwater Management Participatory Modeling
Daniel  StockliDaniel Stockli
Thermo-/Geochronology, Tectonics and Structural Geology, Isotopic Provenance Analysis, Archeometry, Geothermal Exploration, and Thermal Maturation