Danny Greer

Danny Greer Hometown: Boerne, Texas

Degree: MS EER – Year 1

Thesis Title: Undecided

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Carey King

Links: LinkedIn  Research Page  Resume

A Little About Me

I have lived in Texas almost my entire life and completed my undergrad here at UT. I love doing things outdoors especially hiking the greenbelt with my Australian Shepherd, Nala, and playing tennis. I also enjoy playing music, with my main instrument being the drums.

Research Interests

My research interests are based around increasing the penetration of renewable technologies on the grid. This is a very difficult and expensive problem to solve, especially when considering grid reliability and resource adequacy. What do we do when the sun isn’t shining, or the wind isn’t blowing? While battery storage is becoming a more promising technology, the infrastructure required to utilize it, along with new renewables, is going to be expensive. Figuring out how that is going to get paid for is another difficult problem that will have to be solved in order to achieve the energy transition.

My past research experience has involved working on NREL’s flagship capacity expansion model, ReEDS, and assisting Dr. Carey King on the Energy Infrastructure of the Future project and development of the Energy Futures Dashboard.

Career Interests

I’m looking to pursue a career that allows me to have a direct impact on adding more renewables to the grid. There are many different forms that this could take, and I am actively exploring which will be best for me. In my experience in the EER program thus far, I have discovered a new interest in the financing of renewable energy projects.

Key Words

Renewable electricity, electric grid, power system