Eiji Kawai

Eiji Kawai Hometown: Tokyo, JapanDegree: MS EER – Year 2

Thesis Title: Energy System Modeling – How CO2 pricing, decarbonized processes, and energy policy will change the carbon-based industrial sectors in terms of cost minimization

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Benjamin D. Leibowicz

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A Little About Me

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Before coming to UT in 2019, I had 13 years of work experience at the Chiyoda Corporation in Japan, which is a large global engineering company. I was a lead project engineer and project leader in the oil and gas field and was assigned as a core member of the Decarbonization Advancement Office in the company.

My B.S. is in Chemical Engineering and I am a certified Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the U.S. In my spare time I enjoy playing soccer and taking my daughters to Austin’s parks on the weekends.

Research Interests

I am using Energy System Modeling tools to study decarbonization strategies for the industrial sector, with a focus on Japan. There is a great deal of overlap between my professional project experience designing and developing new process systems, and the knowledge and skills that I am exposed to all experience in the US. My energy system models are the ones that have never been proposed yet so far as a CCUS model.

Career Interests

My ultimate goal is to propose the best energy choices for our future and to lead the future generation of energy and industrial systems by establishing energy and environmental models and functions that are matched to current energy issues.

Key Words

Energy System Modeling, Process/Chemical Engineer, Oil/Gas, CCUS, Soccer, Piano