Bryan La Bissoniere

Bryan La Bissoniere Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Degree: MS EER – Year 1

Links: LinkedIn  Research Page

A Little About Me

I am originally from Milwaukee, WI so my passion for water is deeply biased. Many of my childhood memories are with family and friends enjoying Wisconsin’s many glacial lakes and connecting rivers. Since moving to Austin, I have naturally gravitated to the Greenbelt, and slowly curated a long list of camping spots from Austin to Big Bend. My favorite location on campus is the turtle pond in front of Bio Labs, but maybe it should be moved in front of the Jackson School of Geosciences.

Research Interests

I am interested in human infrastructure interdependencies, and how sociotechnical designs can fit the hydrologic cycle to improve water availability in communities. Freshwater is an incredibly valuable resource that many future solutions depend on, so it is vital to deepen our understanding of the causes and effects of our actions.

Career Interests

I am interested in playing a role to reimagine resource planning, infrastructure design, and service to communities. Before returning for my graduate degree, I managed a GIS team of 20 people conducting research and development to improve Apple’s Maps app. I have also worked with urban planners, design firms, and communities to build and implement Master Plans. Building off my research and specialized education while at UT, I look forward to weaving my experiences together and joining the group of committed individuals reimagining water resources for our future.

Key Words

Water Resources, Water Management, Hydrologic Modeling, Socio-economic impact, Human-Infrastructure