Maddie Laidlaw

Maddie Laidlaw Hometown: Breckenridge, CO

Degree: MS EER – Year 1

Thesis Title: Characterizing offshore Gulf of Mexico Carbon Sequestration Prospects

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Alex Bump

Links: LinkedIn  Resume

A Little About Me

I am a dual UK-US citizen who grew up around the world. I did elementary school in Argentina, middle school in Kazakhstan, and high school in Thailand before going to Imperial College to earn my BSc Geophysics. 

Outside of school I love the outdoors and working with kids. I spent 3 summers as a camp counselor in the Rocky Mountains teaching 8 – 13 year old girls how to ride horses. While I’m in Austin, I like to spend time hiking and looking for new food trucks to try!

Research Interests

I am currently working in the Gulf Coast Carbon Center working on carbon sequestration. The largest challenge facing energy companies today is balancing growing profits with reductions in carbon outputs. CO2 sequestration will play a huge role in that balance and the Global Energy Transition. I’m interested in the geological characterization of these sequestration opportunities and investigating the economic climates necessary for them to be viable.

Career Interests

My work experience has been working in the geotechnical teams for capital asset managers specializing in minerals and metals. I’m looking to pursue a career that allows me to use my geotechnical skills and incorporates the finance and analytical skills I’ve developed during the EER program.

Key Words

CCUS, Economic Geology, Risk Management, Analytics, Consulting, Outdoors.