Vision, Mission, Culture

EER Students in the Field


Prepare future leaders for the opportunities and challenges related to the earth’s resources and environment by developing relevant multidisciplinary skills and understanding to enable integrated resource solutions.


  • Understand the earth’s rapidly changing energy and resource challenges through integrated, multidisciplinary study
  • Promote intellectual diversity by leveraging the unique strengths of all of the schools supporting the Energy and Earth Resources graduate program
  • Develop leaders with integrity, sound skills, broad knowledge, and a commitment to prudently manage the earth’s resources and environment
  • Deliver the best learning experience of its kind


  • Value, promote and share our intellectual diversity which enhances exploration of new ideas from different perspectives
  • Engage in research that adds real value
  • Learn from and support each other
  • Respect and value honest, candid communication
  • Acknowledge that integrity in achieving our goals is as important as the goals themselves

The key contacts for prospective and current students are the Graduate Coordinators.