Taylor Barnhart

Taylor Barnhart Hometown: Springfield, Oregon

Degree: MS EER – Year 2

Thesis Title: Constraining Data Requirements and Acquisition Costs for Underground Injection Control Class VI Carbon Dioxide Injection Permits

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Susan Hovorka

Links: LinkedIn  Resume

A Little About Me

Growing up in Oregon I loved everything to do with the outdoors and I spent my free time camping, hiking, and exploring the wonders of Oregon. During the 6th grade I had the opportunity to travel to England and France, which was the catalyst for my obsession for travel. Since then I have toured Chernobyl in the Ukraine, rode a camel in the United Arab Emirates, bungee jumped in South Africa, and so much more. I love talking about traveling and planning my next adventure. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading a good book, going on walks with Ginny (my Australian Kelpie), learning about different cultures and languages, and trying new things.

Research Interests

I am interested in hydrology, hydrogeology, water resources, environmental protection and the governmental policies surrounding these areas. My current research at the Gulf Coast Carbon Center of the Bureau of Economic Geology involves the data need requirements for obtaining an Underground Injection Control (UIC) class VI injection permit for the sequestration of CO2 into deep geologic formations below underground sources of drinking water. The goal of this research is to aid future stakeholders in the acquisition of UIC permits by constraining potential costs in geologic characterization and informing policy improvements for carbon sequestration in the United States.

Career Interests

After obtaining my undergraduate degree in geological sciences, I joined the Peace Corps and spent two years in Tanzania. Through this experience, and various professional experiences, I have developed a strong desire to work in environmental protection and resource management with a specific focus on water resources. I am drawn to a career with an international element to it and with a strong emphasis on public service and community outreach. I am in search for a career in the federal government (USGS, EPA, NOAA, etc.), state government (TWDB, TCEQ, etc.), or private sector entities focused on water resources and environmental causes with an emphasis on community outreach.

Key Words

Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Water Resource Management, GIS, Carbon Capture and Storage, Environmental Conservation, Public Service, International Development