Danny Greer

Danny  Greer
B.A., Sustainability Studies - Natural Resource Management, University of Texas at Austin, 2019
M.S., Energy and Earth Resources, University of Texas at Austin, expected 2022

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Current Research Projects

Energy Infrastructure of the Future ( view )

Cole, W., Greer, D. & Lamb, K. (2020). The potential for using local PV to meet critical loads during hurricanes. Solar Energy, 205, 37-43. doi:.

Cole, W., Greer, D., Ho, J. & Margolis, R. (2020). Considerations for maintaining resource adequacy of electricity systems with high penetrations of PV and storage. Applied Energy, 279(115795). doi:.

Frazier, A., Cole, W., Denholm, P., Greer, D. & Gagnon, P. (2020). Assessing the potential of battery storage as a peaking capacity resource in the United States. Applied Energy, 275(115385). doi:.